Around Here




It’s been a full on month this past month. We’ve had plans most days and very little downtime, so it’s nice to step back and relax for a bit! The last few days we’ve discovered a new brand of moscato we love, and I’ve read a whole book in a day! I’ve organised my Project Life supplies (and shared the post about this process), along with stocked up on blanket making supplies to get me through autumn and winter. I’m made up recipes (this one was capsicum stuffed with cherry tomatoes, chilli halloumi, ham and egg) and received the most amazing roses from my favourite guy! We’re booked for a couples photo shoot first weekend of June, and I’ve fussed over my growing washi tape obsession. Happy mail arrived in the form of my Studio Calico “This is Me” kit, and we’ve grown a collection of house samples as we make decisions over how we want our new house to look.

Life is busy, and full, and I am so happy to be where I am right now, and so happy to share this journey with Michael!



4 thoughts on “Around Here

    • It is pretty sweet! As for my album… I still haven’t started! I ended up starting a knitted blanket instead, so I’ve been spending my free time knitting instead. I have been thinking about ideas for the album though, and I have gathered a few supplies. How’s your’s coming together?

      • Gosh, I wish I could knit a blanket usually I give up after one square. Knitting is really not my strength in life. I have done two pages of my album but have been so busy in the garden I have not had much time for anything else!

      • I’m not very good at it, but I’m actually enjoying it. It’s funny, I hated knitting when I learnt the first time as a kid, but at the moment I’m hooked… Thick needles and chunky wool make it much more fun, because I get through it a lot quicker! I hope your garden is going well! I don’t blame you for not working on the album when you could be
        making the most of time in the garden at the moment before it gets too cold!

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