Project Life 2013: Week 9

Another week down, and quite a few more left to catch up, but I’m still loving this project! I will admit that I am quite behind though, but at least I still enjoy the process of catching up!

Week-9This spread spans the time we were away in Thailand for the left page, and then a weekend away with Michael to celebrate his birthday on the right side, so there were a lot of pictures! Overall, I kind of like how it turned out! I tried to do a full-page photo with the title card, but couldn’t get any photos to work without it cutting off heads, so I ended up using the photo on the bottom 2/3rds of the page. I like how well the photo fitted once I did that!

Week-9-leftAnd I finally purchased a 4×6 template set that I found at Jessica Sprague’s site. This was used 3 times on the second page, on the top right, and bottom 2 photos. It made the whole process of making the photo collages A LOT easier, that’s for sure! I definitely see this being a go to thing for future layouts!

Week-9-RightAlthough I haven’t used many trip photos in my Project Life pages, I do plan on making insert pages for in between this spread and the previous spread. These will be made with physical journalling cards though, so I’m not sharing them here yet, since they’re not quite at the stage of being finished.

I’m loving being back to working on this project!


Supplies used: Design A digital templateSeafoam full digital kit (with some elements recoloured), and Life Card Templates 4×6 set 3. Fonts are Bebas and Travelling Typewriter, which are both free downloads.

To find out more about Project Life, you can check out Becky Higgins blog here, which has lots of photo ideas and inspiration. You can see all of my Project Life posts here

2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week 9

  1. Don’t you just love Person of Interest! It one of my new favorite shows! Your album is coming together so nicely! I given up again on Project Life (I thinking of trying one more time starting in August for my birthday)!

    • It really is an awesome show! I’d never heard of it until Michael put me on to it, I’m hooked as well! I hope it goes better for you with PL if you start again at your birthday! I’m glad I chose to do it digitally… Since it’s still so different and new to me, I’m hooked on it. I am pretty far behind though, but slowly catching up

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