10 Things April – Inspired by

Craft Desk

This month I decided that I’d share 10 things that I’ve been inspired by over the last few weeks, since I haven’t shared any inspiring links for a while. It’s been amazing couple of months for inspiration, so this is kind of a round-up of it!

  1. Firstly, the Color Run. I first heard about this a couple of years ago, but it didn’t exist in Australia at the time. We’re having one held near Mum’s in a couple of weeks time, so we’ve decided to go on. By we, I mean me and Michael and Bec and Zane at least. If registration ends up being full by then, we’ll do the one in Sydney in August, instead.
  2. The Cinnamon edition of Project Life that was just released on AC Digitals this week. When Becky first mentioned the new editions that were coming out in May and showed pictures, I was hooked on the chocolate and caramel colours of this kit. Even better, it’s 20% off until Sunday!
  3. This series of posts by Pink Ronnie, where she talks about her methods of memory keeping from each phase in time. There are a few ideas that are relevant for me, and it has me thinking about my memory keeping process.
  4. Lace curtains. I keep trying to come up with ideas for window furnishings for the new house, and I keep coming back to lace curtains, so I think I will end up getting at least a few sets in the new place!
  5. This homemade falafel recipe. We’ve been cutting down on the meat we’re eating the last couple of weeks, and trying more vegetarian meals. This is one we’ll be trying next, I think, because it sounds oh-so-good!
  6. This Project Life spread by Heraura. So much goodness here… The black and white photos with splashes of blue and yellow on the title and filler cards. The pull out tabbed card behind the photo. The white space bordering all of the photos… Just beautiful!
  7. How tidy and organised my craft room is at the moment! I’ve cleared my desk off every night before bed since I first organised my craft room. I also happen to have an amazingly bright light in here, so the room is bright and cheery. While there are still a few things to do, I’m enjoying being in here and have been every night for the last week or so. It’s interesting how much a clear space impacts creativity and inspiration levels!
  8. This post by Elise on how to move. This will be useful in a year or so time when we’re packing up to move next. And even over the next few months, it gave me a much needed prompt to start going through some stuff here to get rid of some stuff we don’t need.
  9. My new method of organising stamps. I’ll be sharing more here sometime in the next week!
  10. This mini album idea for building a house. It gave me some ideas for what to include in my Project Life pages over the next however many months we have left in the building process. I plan on making a photobook overall for the new house, but will still be including things like the plans, landscaping ideas, decorating ideas, photos, joys and frustrations and the likes in the meantime. I’ll actually have a big post on why we decided to build coming up in the next month or so.

While there is a lot more I’ve been inspired by lately, a lot of what is inspiring me at the moment is to do with memory keeping, which is why there are so many Project Life items here. I hope you can find at least some inspiration in what I’ve shared today, too! šŸ™‚


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