26 Projects – Cushion Covers


I decided that I wanted to make some cushions to dress up our lounge, which has been bothering me for a long time! I saw this check fabric at Lincraft, and decided it would make cute cushions, but held off buying it for about a month because I was unsure whether I liked it enough to follow through or not.



2 x 51cm cushions from Spotlight
1.3m of the black and white check fabric (this was 1.2m wide)
25cm of yellow striped fabric for the edging
3m thin cord for edging (this was about 1/2 cm wide)
2 x 51cm zips
Cotton and needles


  1. I started by cutting the yellow fabric into strips about an inch wide. I knew my cushion cover had to be 52cms square, so I sewed 2 of these strips patterned side together to make a circle that was 208cms round. I then ironed the joins flat.910
  2. Once I had my circle of yellow fabric, I started to stitch the cord into the centre of it. To start this part, I tied a knot in the end of the cord, then I folded the 1 inch width of fabric in half with the pattern facing out, and stitched the knot in between at a random point. I then kept folding the fabric in half, stitching the cord into the middle with a simple running stitch. When I had gotten the whole way around, I cut the knot off, trimmed the cord, and stitched the circle closed so the cord can’t come out. This made the trim for my cushion.1112
  3. To make the cover itself, I started with sewing the zipper in the back. For this, I used an offcut of white fabric to stitch to each end of the zip. This is so once the zip was stitched in place, it would be neat at the ends, rather than having an odd gap at the corded edges.3
  4. Next up, I cut the cushion panels to size, following the lines of the pattern to ensure it was straight. Since the cover needed to be 52x52cms, I cut the front at about 55x55cms, and on the back, I made 2 panels that were 55x29cms, since I wanted my zip to go across the middle of the pillow. I then stitched the narrow panels in place on each side of the zip using back stitch. And yes, I know my stitches aren’t straight, but I’m still happy with it! I did try to make the patterns at least roughly line up on each side of the zip though, to make it look neater at the end. Excuse the blue light in the photo below, I had the fabric spread over my laptop as I took it!45
  5. Once the back panel was done for my cushion, I pinned the front and the back together with the right sides on the inside, and the cord sandwiched in between. The round bit of the cord was on the inside of the cushion, and the messy edges outside. This was where it got interesting… It was pretty hard to get it to sit in place right, so I used lots of pins. When sewing, I checked every stitch I did, to ensure that it went through the corded fabric in the right spot, so that my stitching around the cord wouldn’t show through on the finished cushion. This was hard enough to juggle, so I don’t have any pictures of this, but if there are any questions about this, if you ask in the comments, I’ll get Michael to take some when I make the second cushion over the next week or 2.
  6. Once I had 3 sides done, I opened the zip part way so that I’d be able to turn it right way in once I finished stitching up the 4th side. Even though this was a square pattern, the fabric must have been stretched, because the pieces didn’t line up properly. I stitched the panels so that I followed the straight lines on front and back though, so my cover actually has a slight twist to it. You can’t tell while it’s in the cover though.
  7. Once all 4 sides were stitched, I turned it right way in and it was finally done!

I love how this turned out once on the cushion, and can’t wait to make the second one to go with it! This project took me about 4 hours to make one cushion cover, but that was because this was the first attempt at something like this, and I sewed it all by hand. Here are some close-ups of the cording around the edges.


If you have any questions, as in the comments and I’ll answer as best I can, or try to take more pictures of how I’ve done this.


This is project 14 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

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