Easter Weekend

I just want to start by saying that I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend with lots of enjoyable family time!

We spent Saturday relaxing at home, and I finished making an awesome cushion (I’ll be sharing sometime in the next week!). I also spent a good chunk of time organising the craft room, which really does make me quite happy! Still a little to go, but a million times better… I’m actually inspired to spend a lot more time in there, too!


Sunday lunch was spent with Michael’s family, enjoying an amazing lunch made by Michael’s mum, an Easter egg hunt where we helped his nieces and nephews find the eggs hidden all over the place, plenty of time chatting with his family, and some time photographing the amazing flowers in bloom around the place.


Late in the afternoon, we left for the Coast, where we had a BBQ at Bec and Zane’s and celebrated Easter with Dad and the girls. Dad loved the wire figures that we brought him back from Thailand, which was good… They were pretty awesome though! We spent the evening eating, relaxing, chatting and playing with the bird, dogs and cat. It’s awesome to have pets to play with, since we can’t have any at home. I so can’t wait to get a kitten or a puppy again… It’s been forever since I had a pet!


Since Monday was a public holiday, we all had the day off work and Mum organised a picnic for us at the Blackbutt Reserve, near Newcastle. It was great weather for it, not too hot, not too cold. We wandered around looking at the animals there, then we had a BBQ lunch, this year it was even emu-free! After lunch we wandered so more, before going in to see the koalas, up nice and close. We even got to pet them. I’m amazed how soft they actually are. In all the times I’ve seen koalas, I’ve never actually touched one, so it was definitely interesting! We headed back to Mum’s afterwards, and I made chocolate spiders for everyone. They are the best!


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