Sydney Royal Easter Show

Since Friday was a public holiday here in Australia, Michael and I met up at the Sydney Royal Easter show with Bec and Zane. I have to say, it was another good day at the show, but I think it must have been the busiest day of the show overall!

Woolworth Fresh Food Dome1

Woolworths Fresh food Dome2

We drove in and had to walk about 3kms from the car to the show. We met up about lunch time, and started out by exploring the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome. It’s always fun walking through here. They have big fruit displays that always look cool, and plenty of samples to try new things. The fresh watermelon and pineapple that you can buy chopped up is always a hit there! We ended up getting separated in the crowds, so Michael and I headed for lunch after, at one of the cafes. We had mini burgers and chicken tenderloins, and both were good! I especially loved the beetroot relish on the burgers and how fresh it was!





After lunch, me and Michael headed on the animal walk, seeing all the different farm animals. We do this every time, even though it’s more aimed at kids. The best parts of the walk were the animal nursery, where you walk through the middle of all the baby animals that are roaming free, and you can feed them and pet them, and also seeing all the cats and dogs, although there didn’t seem to be all that many around. I guess because of the fact that it was afternoon by the time we went through, maybe?




After roaming for a bit, we headed to the Main Arena, to get seats for the evening show. It was still pretty early, about 5.30pm, but it was good since we got front row seats and were able to sit down away from the crowds for a bit. Michael was content to sit, but in the end, I wandered the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome again, then checked out the art and craft displays. I always love looking at the photography and the paintings, although some of the photography subjects didn’t seem all that intriguing for a photography competition. I still don’t understand the best in show picture, which was a wall with 2 doors… There were so many amazing pictures of cityscapes and landscapes and wildlife and people there! And one of the paintings was of a fence… Such a weird item to paint, but it was so detailed and stunning. Both me and Bec ended up taking pictures of the same painting without even knowing until after!





I headed back to the arena after a while, and Bec and Zane joined us after a bit. Once they arrived, they minded our seats while we looked around for something for dinner. The Main Arena was pretty packed by the time we arrived back, but we found them easily enough because they were the crazy people with Mario and Luigi hats taking pictures together 🙂


Fire Dancing

Pyrotechnic Kites

The evening show was a little weird. There were quad bikes, monster trucks and dirt bikes, along with guys in electrical suits zapping each other, and that part of it was awesome, but they had a random storyline about a girl who appeared in a strange land without animals, so her horse, Prince was missing. She went off in search of her horse, with one of the dirt bike riders being her navigator and the other’s being scouts, and you had to do a dance to attract her horse. Like I said, strange! The special effects and fireworks were great though!




Such a great day and the fireworks were amazing! I’m happy to say that I managed to get more good fireworks photos tonight than I have in awhile. I love the fireworks setting on my little camera!


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