Thai Food Night (plus Satay Chicken recipe)

On Saturday night, Mum and I made plans to have a Thai food night, so we could test out the cooking skills we learnt while in Thailand. It was a perfect day for it, as we made our Thai feast for Nan’s birthday!

In total, we made 4 dishes between 6 of us, with some leftovers. We decided to make Mum’s usual fried rice recipe, since we all love it so much, along with cashew nut chicken, chicken satay and beef pad Thai, since they’re some of our favourites, and we didn’t want to make anything too spicy since only Michael, Bec and I like our food really spicy.


Mum grabbed most of the stuff, but I grabbed the few things she had trouble finding.  We also had to send Michael out to grab more chicken, since I used all of it in our satay without realising I still needed some for cashew chicken. Good thing he grabbed more though, since we ate most of both of these dishes!

In total, I think it took us about 2 hours, maybe slightly longer to get through making everything. Mum made fried rice, while I prepared all the vegetables and meat, and gathered all the sauces and condiments we would need. We started out by cooking the satay, then pad Thai and finished up with cashew chicken.


Top left is fried rice, right is pad Thai, middle row has cucumber dressing, chicken satay, and peanut sauce, front has cashew chicken and more fried rice

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meals, with the satay being the biggest hit. No one was used to having it the way we made it, with the peanut sauce and cucumber dressing separate to the chicken, and everyone was a little standoffish at first, but it was the favourite for all of us! I’ve included a copy of the satay recipe below, so if you want a copy, you can right-click and save. This is already a 4×6 jpg, perfect for printing as a photo if you want.

Chicken Satay

I couldn’t find yellow curry powder anywhere, so I looked online to find out if it had another name. Turns out it is a mix of spices, so we made ours by mixing 1T ground turmeric, 3T ground coriander, 2T ground cumin, 2t ground ginger, 1t white pepper, 1-2t chilli powder or cayenne pepper (depending how spicy you want it!), and a pinch of ground cloves. We made ours mid-range spicy and it turned out well, with plenty left over for making satay again!

We followed dinner with an amazing mud cake that Bec made. She iced it with her speciality icing, covered it in Easter eggs and then drizzled it with white chocolate. So bad for you, but oh so good! Bec is always our cake maker… She makes the best cakes!


The night turned out to be a big hit, and we so need to do this again some time soon, possibly trying a few new recipes! I’ll share more recipes as we cook them again, too.


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