Enjoying: Having roses in every room of the house… It smells oh so good!
Looking: Forward to having an entire weekend to ourselves this weekend… They’re such a rare thing lately!
Feeling: Like I have a cold coming on. I would love a morning when I don’t wake up feeling like I’ve been swallowing sandpaper and glass shards!
Reading: An incredible amount of blogs. Discovered a couple more this week that I may end up following regularly, as well! Excited to get to start my new Game of Thrones books in the next few days, too!
Loving: How amazing Michael is, by surprising me with 100 roses at work, just because he could! So crazy for this guy!
Hoping: To get the colour USB key from our builder in the next day or 2, so we can start going through and finalising our colour choices for the new house (carpet, tiles, paint, bricks, roof, kitchen and bathroom)
Wanting: A choc mint slice biscuit!
Planning: A weekend project at Mum’s working on refinishing an old toy box into a blanket box when she next has a weekend off work. I have big plans for it!
Failing: At spending time cleaning out my craft room for the last 6 days. I’ve gotten so much done already, and know I really need to get back in there since I’m already over half way done!
Needing: To have another Thai food night since the one on the weekend was so awesome… I think I could really get used to cooking these meals!
Waiting: To have an entire weekend to ourselves… They’re such a rare thing lately!
Working: On making some cushions for the lounge. They’re all cut out and waiting to be sown together
Wishing: My laptop would be a lot less temperamental and that the network would stop dropping out on it! It’s so frustrating when I’m in the middle of using the Internet for something, or playing Borderlands!


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh Jess, those roses!!!! What an awesome man you have there. (Love the colour he chose too.)
    Your house must be filled with the most beautiful fragrance right now…
    Ronnie xo

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