10 Things March – Thailand Favourites


Seeing as we’ve only just come back from Thailand, I figured my 10 Things for March would be my 10 favourite things from our Thailand trip.

  1.  The hotel breakfast we had each morning… So awesome! It was a buffet with bacon, eggs (omelettes, scrambled or fried, made fresh to order!), tomatos, cocktail sausages, toast, fruit, cereal, and an Asian breakfast mix such as noodles, etc. It only cost us $10 AUD each day as well
  2. Family time. This is our first family trip with Mum. I’ve travelled with Samantha once before, and Bec twice before, but never all 4 of us, so it was great to spend the time together!
  3. James Bond island and cave canoeing. Canoeing through the caves was awesome, we saw lots of wildlife and it was peaceful gliding along the water. James Bond island was our last stop for the day, and the grey skies finally cleared for the day while we were there, so it was really picturesque
  4. Seeing the Big Buddha. This is a massive monument being built at the top of a hill, and looks amazing! Although the weather was rather grey when we went, there would be an amazing view from there on a clear day. It was awesome being able to contribute to the building of it by purchasing a tile and putting our names and the date on it!
  5. Happy Smile Coffee. Most of the coffee while we were away sucked, but me and Mum did discover this place while wandering to Starbucks one day, down the back of a little lane way, and it had amazing coffee! And the lady was so sweet, always taking care making the coffees and thanking us for coming in
  6. Feeding baby elephants. We did this on the day we went to the Big Buddha, along with the day we went white water rafting. The one near the Big Buddha would trumpet if we moved the food away from it… So cute!
  7. The Thai cooking class. I love Thai food, and have done for quite a long time now, so it was fun to learn to cook it, and awesome to try such a big variety of Thai foods at the one time. The format of the cookbooks I brought there was great too, and made me laugh at notes such as vegetables getting headaches if you cook too much at once
  8. The downstairs pool at our hotel. This was between the 2 hotel buildings, so often, you were out of the direct sun. It had pool chairs around it, and a nice atmosphere with plants and elephant water fountains, and a spa section also. This contrasts with the upstairs pool which was in direct sunlight and didn’t have all the atmosphere to it
  9. The massive fan I brought. I eyed these off for most of the trip, and finally caved on one of our last days and brought one. I love it! I plan on hanging it above my dresser in the new house. The colours and images on these fans were amazing, and it only cost me about $35 AUD
  10. White water rafting. Especially the last 2kms where we hit bigger rapids. Mum’s never been rafting before, so it was fun to take her. We were the annoying people that went past splashing everyone! 😉

This was such an amazing trip, and these were my favourite moments! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or as an email, and I’ll answer in part 4 of the Thailand in photos post 🙂



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