Thailand in Photos (Part 2)

On my last post, I shared the first couple of days of days of photos from the trip, and today, I’m sharing the next couple of days. Again, this will be a photo-heavy post!

Day 3 – This was the day we went on an island tour. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, and the sky looked rather smoggy most of the day, this was still fun! The islands looked awesome coming up out of the water and the unique shapes they all had. We saw plenty of wildlife, such as a baby crocodile, monkeys, walking fish, and this gorgeous butterfly that was black with gold spots on the wings. Exploring the caves in canoes was great fun, not something any of us have ever done, and although we didn’t paddle ourselves, I did for a bit at the end and it turns out I can still do it well! James Bond island was our last stop, and the nicest of the islands we went to. There were stalls here to explore, and we even learnt how to fly on broomsticks! LOL. After getting back in the evening, we wandered down to the Jungceylon, and had pizza for dinner at a little restaurant we found, since it was close by and got us out of the rain that started that night.

16171827222423252619282029303121Day 4 – Our 4th day in Thailand started out relaxing, with us wandering around for the morning, and visiting the great coffee place we discovered on our second day. In the afternoon, we went to on the Flying Hanuman. This was an awesome couple of hours, full of flying foxes, rope bridges, slat steps coming out of the sides of trees, an abseil where we were dropped before being caught just before hitting the platform below, and monkey-man tour guides. So much fun, even when Mum and I are both scared of heights! We stopped at the night markets on our way back to the hotel to explore. These were fairly similar to lots of the stalls near our hotel, only most seemed more expensive and less willing to haggle. We didn’t stay for long, instead heading back to the hotel, freshening up, then going for Indian for dinner.

413335363437384039Definitely an action packed couple of days! I’ll be back again in a few days with more pictures to share! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or as an email, and I’ll answer in part 4 of these posts!


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