Thailand in Photos (Part 1)

Between me, Mum and my sister’s going to Thailand for a week, we took almost 1000 photos! This was very much unexpected, to say the least, and I’m pretty sure I’ve met my match in Mum, who took more photos than any of us! What’s most surprising is that she doesn’t really use her camera most of the time, either! Since there are so many photos, I’m going to share the photos over a few posts. This will still be a photo heavy post though!

Day 1 – We left Sydney on 20th February for Phuket, Thailand. Michael dropped me at the train station at 7am, and I sat at a cafe there for a few hours reading the paper and having breakfast. I caught the train to Central at about 10am and waiting there until 1pm for Mum and the girls to arrive, and then we caught the train to the airport, arriving in time to check in, make it through customs (where Mum was frisked and swabbed down!) and get to our flight for boarding time, although it boarded half an hour late. The 9 hour flight left about 3pm, and arrived about 8pm Thailand time (there’s a 4 hour time difference). We headed through customs and caught a shuttle bus to the hotel an hour away in Patong, arriving about 11pm, where the hotel guys sorted our baggage and we showered and headed to bed! Such a long day!



3456Day 2 – The girls rang us at 5am, and Mum and the girls went exploring. I got up at 7am and we headed for breakfast at the hotel, then all went exploring, not that anything was opened that early. We saw lots awesome shrines around and these cool folded paper stars in jars. The power-lines in Phuket are SCARY! We noticed driving in last night how they are clumped up and even touch the ground in places! We looked around the main shopping centre, Jungceylon  and wandered to the beach passing a cool bar with the tigers below built in to it. The beach is not all that nice though, and we ended up spending the afternoon by the pool with the cute elephant water fountain instead.

789101112131415I’ll be back on Friday with some more trip pictures! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or as an email, and I’ll answer in part 4 of these posts!


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