26 Projects – Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

I’m a little behind sharing this one, it would seem! Me and Michael are very low-key for Valentine’s day, and would rather spend time together than spending money on overpriced flowers and chocolates. This year, Michael took me to dinner, and I organised a surprise scavenger hunt for him, after getting inspired from this post that I found via Pinterest. We did this on the Monday after Valentine’s day, since it’s something that takes more time than we had available on Valentine’s day itself.

IntroMichael came home from work to find this taped to our front door. Inside, there was a matching note that said “You have now begun your very own Valentine’s scavenger hunt. It shouldn’t take you long, but don’t miss any clues or you won’t get the grand prize! Your first clue is on the lounge. Goodluck!!”

Clue 1When Michael got to the lounge, he found the first clue, along with the first Valentine. This one didn’t quite work out as planned though… It turns out that we don’t actually have goldfish crackers in Australia that I could find anywhere, although I do remember them from when I was a kid. I tried to get chicken drumstick shaped ones since they look slightly like fish, but it turns out I grabbed the wrong ones there, too! As you can see, I went with it anyway! The first clue said “Roses are red, violets are blue. For your next clue, look in a _ _ _ _! *HINT: 4 letters, rhymes with blue”

Clue 2Don’t worry, these are brand new, never before worn shoes! This Valentine is a spoon in a cup of M&M’s. I tried to get a beach spade to put the M&M’s in, but it seems it’s too late in summer to be able to find one around here, so a spoon digging in M&M’s was the winner :-). The second clue here was “February 14th, full of red and PINK. To find the next clue, look under the _ _ _ _!”

Clue 3I couldn’t get a good photograph of this one under the sink since it’s so dark there, and realised after this was eaten that I didn’t take the photo with the clue. I originally planned on using a cupcake for this clue, but I brought it Wednesday planning on doing this on Valentine’s day itself, but when we changed the days for it, I knew it wouldn’t last that long, so I gave it to Michael for his morning tea on Valentine’s day instead, and this was the closest thing I could get at the shops on Monday. This clue said “Good job, you found me! There’s only one more. To finish this chase, look behind the _ _ _ _!”

Clue 4This was my favourite Valentine of all the ones I made. To make this, I used Lifesavers and wrapped them in red paper. The fuse was made from an off-cut of wool. Apparently I made clue 3 too hard, since Michael didn’t end up finding it. It’s funny, since our main living areas only have the front door and the laundry door. There was not enough light to photography this behind the door, either. This one had the 4th clue with it, which was “Haha, just kidding! I’m making things hard… To end this chase, go into the yard! *ok, so we don’t have a yard but go to the closest thing we have to one”

Clue 5The closest thing we have to a yard here is our balcony, and the only plant we have on the balcony is my daisy plant, so I sat this Valentine with it. Michael ended up finding this one before the bomb one because he decided to wander around guessing where clues could be. Clue 5 said “Yay! You did it! Now wasn’t this fun? Put the pieces together and you’re all done! *After completing the puzzle, look on the back to find your Valentine!” On the back, all I wrote is “BEDROOM” spread across all of the clues.

EndOn the bedroom door, Michael found this note, and inside, there was a picture of me that said “You’re prize is me, silly! Now come and find me!” 

This was so much fun for both of us! Although I wasn’t very original with the clues and used the ones suggested, it took me about 3 hours to assemble and hid all the clues along with taking the photographs. So worth it though! Michael though it was super special, and loves that it’s a very Jess sort of thing to do. Definitely a hit, and something I think I’ll end up doing again in the future!


This is project 13 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

See project 1234567891011 & 12 or all projects on Pinterest


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