Congratulations Ruchi and Pankaj!

857164_10151235783660738_1427026752_oOn of my loviest friends, Ruchi, got married in India in December to her sweetheart of a long time, Pankaj. With the ceremony being so far away, very few people from Australia were able to make the trek over to join them in the celebrations. To make up for it, they had an amazing reception here over the weekend, so that all their friends could join them in celebrating their love.

Since they were already married, there weren’t any vows for us to watch, but the speeches were so touching! It is clear that these two are very much in love! It was a touching event, and I’m so glad that we were able to join them in celebrating their love!

The food and entertainment were amazing! We watched Bollywood dancers and some other types of dancers, and enjoyed an Indian feast. It was great to be able to catch up with work friends outside of work, too. It’s interesting how different we all seem outside of work. Definitely much more relaxed and laid back!

Having been to an Indian wedding a few years back, this was definitely very different. Much more laid back, and more alike to wedding receptions here, and very much Ruchi!  I’m really glad they were able to have their 3 day wedding in India as well… It really would be amazing to get to have 2 celebrations like that!

Such an amazing night, and I wish Ruchi and Pankaj all the happiness in the world!



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