Valentine’s Day with my Awesome Guy…

Dear Michael,

I’d like to thank you for yet another fantastic Valentine’s Day that we were able to share together! I really do love nights where we hang out together and relax, especially when we take our time and wander out to where we’re going.


I really appreciate that your as happy to keep it as low-key as I am, especially since the day is supposed to be a celebration of our love and our time together, not about the consumerism driven chaos that the holiday has become. It means so much more that you focus on us spending a night together, rather than spending a fortune on flowers or chocolates or jewellery.


Your choice in dining was awesome. I think I enjoy Ribs and Rumps almost as much as you do! Thanks for letting me choose what we ordered, too… I loved the variety of the mixed entrees  and there were still good options for the mains, too. I don’t know that I’ll get the steak there again though… It really is way to much for me to get through. Thanks for the wine and cocktails, too. I quite enjoyed having a few drinks and relaxing! The company wasn’t too bad, either! It was such an amazing evening to be out, too… Not a cloud in the sky, hints of a sunset, gorgeous breeze… Such a perfect evening!


I look forward to spending many more Valentine’s days together with you, Babe. You really are awesome to hang out with, and you mean the world to me. I’m so glad I let you sweep me off my feet all those years ago!

I love you xx


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