Book Review: Makedde Vanderwall Series

Tara Moss Books

Since January, I have read all 6 of the books in the Makedde Vanderwall series by Tara Moss. I have to say, I’ve been well hooked!

Makedde, the main character, is a Canadian model and student (studying forensic psychology), who came to Australia to see her best friend, only to find her friend’s body after she’s been killed by the serial killer who becomes known as the Stiletto Killer, based on his obsession with feet and stilettos. The first book goes through the investigation to find her friend’s killer, while falling in love with the lead detective.

As it turns out, Makedde is a psycho magnet  and attracts the attention of numerous serial killers throughout the books. In book two, she’s back home living in Canada, only to get tangled up in another serial killer case, where her ex-Australian lover ends up coming in to consult on the case after studying with the FBI. Book three has her back in Australia for the trial of the Stiletto killer, and things pick up again between her and her Australia detective, yet she ends up tangled up in another drama with the Stiletto Killer when he escapes, so she flees the country. In the fourth book, her and the lead detective get serious about their relationship, and she moves in with him in Australia. She ends up working as a private investigator, where she’s hired to look into the death of 21-year-old girl. While she discovers what happened to the girl, she ends up in the line of fire of one of Australia’s riches families. The fifth book, sees hired by the mother of a 19-year-old boy, to track him down when he goes missing. This case leads her half way around the globe before drama unfolds and she ends up going missing herself. Book six has all of her family and friend’s grieving, believing her to be dead, only for her to end up back in Australia and tangled up with the rich Australian family who still want her dead.

I loved these books! They are a lot more detailed and graphic that I expected coming from a female writer, but she sets the scene and develops the characters well. You can see and understand the changes the main character goes through, and it’s great to see such a strong female main character, even when her vulnerable side is shown. As an indication of how good these books are, I finished the first book at about 4am the same night I started reading it! I paced the rest out though.

I can’t believe I’ve had the first 5 of these sitting on my bookshelf for about 4 years now! I chose a good time to read them though, with book six only having been released in September last year though… I can’t stand having to wait months or years to read the next book in a series if it’s a great book! I reread every Harry Potter book when a new one was released just because I can’t just pick up the last book and read! I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t get a copy with a matching cover though… And I paid $30 for the last one, whereas the other 5 only cost me $10 each, which stung a little, but I’m glad I got it!


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