10 Things February – Things I want to do in Thailand


I have a girls trip planned in a couple of weeks, where me, Mum and my sister’s are heading to Thailand for a week. Now that we seem to have most of the dramas with our accommodation out of the way, I’m back to being excited about the trip, and have started thinking about some of the things I would like to do while we’re over there. I don’t think I’m the only one, either, after talking to my sister about it today! I thought for this months list of 10 things, I thought I’d share so of the things I want to do while we’re away!

  1. Pampering – After all the stress and being so run down the last few weeks, I’m hoping for at least a massage and a pedicure while away!
  2. Lounging by the pool and at the beach – Lots of it, as well! Hopefully with a cocktail in hand! It’ll be awesome to explore some new beaches, and spend some time relaxing in the sun!
  3. White Water Rafting – I’ve done this twice on previous trips to Bali, and I’m excited to try it again somewhere new. Plus, Mum’s never been, so that’s even more reason to go. Oh, and Samantha needs practice since she almost gave me a black eye, last time!
  4. Enjoying Family Time – I’ve travelled with Bec overseas twice, and Samantha once. They both make pretty good travelling buddies, too. This will be Mum’s first overseas trip with us, and it will be a good chance to relax and hang out with family, sans the boys! Plus, it will probably be the only chance we get to have a decent amount of time together before Mum and Samantha move to the USA.
  5. Cocktail Drinking – Because why not? 🙂
  6. Jungle Safari in Khao Sok National Park – If I can talk everyone else into it, this would be awesome fun!
  7. Taking lots of amazing Photos! – I’m still undecided if I’ll take the DSLR yet, but I have to say, I am really looking forward to the photo opportunities  I guess it depends what sort of activities we all decide to do whether the extra baggage will be worth it or not.
  8. ShoppingNone of us have been to Thailand before, so it’ll be interesting what sort of shopping is available over there. I’m sure Bec and Samantha will enjoy it the most though.
  9. Enjoying the Food – I love Thai food. I’m guessing the Thai we have here in Australia may be very different to what they have over there, and I’m looking forward to finding out! If at all possible, I’d love to do a Thai cooking class, since we’ve decided to start trying a few more Thai dishes here, but I’m not sure that anyone else would be interested in it.
  10. Reading – I’ll have plenty of uninterrupted reading time on the flights, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve found reading so peaceful lately, and by that time, I’ll be on to a new book or set of books, which I’m looking forward to!

**I did not take this photo. You can see the original source by clicking on the photo itself**


2 thoughts on “10 Things February – Things I want to do in Thailand

  1. I don’t know exactly what a jungle safari entails but the Khao Sok national park was fabulous. I went on an elephant ride up a river and trekked up to waterfalls, canoed down river from our huts over the river etc. Was one of the biggest highlights of my trip … convince the others to go 🙂 why is your Mum and sister moving to the states? You guys have such a close bond and I would hate to lose that. My parents and 1 brother(with his family) live in Vic and my other brother in WA and if the lived o the Central Coast or even NSW for that matter I would be thrilled!

    • Oh wow, that sounds amazing! Mum is moving to the states since she’s seeing an American. He’ll be moving over here at a later date once visas are sorted, but in the meantime, it’s great that she’s finally travelling! As for my little sister, she’s 19 and single, so I don’t blame her for wanting to experience while she has the chance. Neither move will be permanent, only for a year or 2. To be honest, as much as I’ll miss them, I think it’s awesome that they’re going… Such a good experience for them both!

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