DSC02479Enjoying: Evening walks with this guy
Dealing: With mixed up travel arrangements and new accommodation bookings
Reading: The Makedde Vanderwall series of books by Tara Moss (started the last one today!)
Feeling: Drained. I’ve had a headache for 3 days straight and it turned into a migraine today
Loving: This knitting project from Elise. I want to get more done on my knitted blankets!
Waiting: For a supply of wool to come in so I can knit some more of my blanket
Hoping: To have crafty time on the weekend with my sister. We’re going to make a supply of journalling cards to take on our trip with us, so we can come home and make an album easily
Planning: A farewell present to make for Mum and my sister when the move to the US later in the year
Wanting: Some Photoshop inspiration and uninterupted time to do some more Project Life spreads. I have some to share here as well
Working: On my One Little Word project. I’ll have more to share soon


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