10 Random Things I’ve Learnt so far this Year


I feel like this year is a year of learning… I already feel like I’ve learnt so much! I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learnt so far this year.

1. Photoshop is not anywhere near as intimidating as I thought. I just need to take my time and learn it bit by bit, rather than expecting it to just instantly have it all worked out at once.

2. Always confirm travel bookings in advance. I’ve just found out that our accommodation for our Thailand trip was not booked at the hotel, even though they’ve sent us the check-in voucher. We leave on the 20th February, and now need to find new accommodation while trying to get the money for the original booking back.

3. I prefer the photos I’ve been taking on my DSLR when they are overexposed by one or 2 stops. I’ve been finding they seem too dark straight out of the camera. I think I need to experiment more to try to work out why though.

4. To keep a close watch on all things building a house and loan related, and do lots of research. We’ve found lots of mistakes with the documentation we’ve been expected to sign, and also had lots of things pop up that we were not advised of way earlier in the process but should have been covered. I’m glad it’s coming up now and being looked into now rather than left though.

5. How good computer free time is! I’ve been spending lots of time painting and crafting, and have rediscovered my love of reading. It has been awesome!

6. That making pizza dough is nowhere near as scary as I expected. I’m definitely going to be trying this one out a few more times too!

7. The fact that I save so much money when I take breakfast and lunch to work. It works out I spend around $15 a day if I buy both meals, but if I take every meal to work, it only costs me about $15 for the week, depending on what I take… Leaves me with may more crafting money!

8. How expensive it is to knit a blanket. I worked out for the size blanket I’m looking at making, it’s likely to cost me $120 in total… It’s cheaper for me to buy a blanket, although way less fun!

9. Also, I’ve learnt how to laminate things. I’ve never used a laminating machine before… It’s oh-so-easy, too!

10. How much I suck at taking self-portraits! I need a LOT more practice with this one! I think I might need to Google some ideas for inspiration. The goal of taking one self-portrait a day seems so much harder to me than taking 200 DSLR photos in a month!


2 thoughts on “10 Random Things I’ve Learnt so far this Year

  1. I agree with you on the whole Photoshop thing, it not as hard as it seams. And you can always Google how to do something or in my case ask the my favorite graphic design what to do (aka the little brother)! I really hope everything works out OK with you travel plans, i went threw something similar a few years ago when I went to Hong Kong, Unfortunately I was not able to get the money back until I go back from overseas, and the accomantion we ended up staying at was twice as much as the original. I hope things go better for you!

    • I bet it’s awesome having a graphic designer as a brother! I don’t know anyone who can use Photoshop, so everything I do, I end up teaching myself or doing classes for. Google has been awesome when I decide I want to do something a specific way but don’t know how! And thanks for the well wishes for the trip! I very much doubt that I’ll get any money back before we head away as well. I would have thought it the company went bust, they’d at least contact people to advise their bookings need to be remade though. I only found out through sheer luck too. So glad it was before we headed over, rather than being stuck once there!

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