Inspiration Files – January

So this post is a few days earlier than usual, but I have a few other posts in the works for the next few days, so I’m ok with that! This month I’ve been inspired by:

  • This post about what stories Lisa has recorded in her Project Life album over the course of a year. This is a great list of ideas, and inspires me to want to complete a whole year of Project Life
  • This post by Elsie about life long learning. I love learning new things… It helps make life interesting and helps get me to where I want to be in life. I found this post super fun!
  • I have a lot of digital brushes from Designer Digitals. Whenever they have a sale, I tend to buy more, but always have to click over to see what I already have. This post by Lindsay shows the way she organises her brushes, and I so need to do this myself!
  • I’ve never seen these camera memory cards, but I think I need to get me a couple!  I think it’s such an awesome idea, and it’ll be great not to have to always copy photos over manually. Now I need to come up with a way to automatically copy photos from my iPhone 4 to my PC automatically without needing the charger cable… It would make things much easier!
  • This post by Elise, where she talks about self-portraits. I’m terrible at being in photos, and this post has come at just the right time since I’m thinking of doing a photo challenge of a self-portrait a day during February! I also love Elise’s post on everyday photography, too.
  • These label shapes… I can’t wait to use them on my digital Project Life pages! I’ve been looking for something like these for awhile now!

This month I’ve spent very little time at the computer compared to usual, and it’s been super refreshing to get away from it. I have a few projects almost done, I’m already half way through my 4th book so far this year, and have spent lots of time with family and friends instead. It’s been a good month!




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