Project Life 2013: Week 2

Two weeks of Project Life complete and I think I’m hooked! I’ve never documented so many little details from our everyday life like this before, and I really love this format… It’s super quick and easy to get lots of stuff documented, and it’s super fun completing this on the computer through Photoshop. I still find it a little challenging, but I really do enjoy learning something new like this.


I decided this week that I would start including a few more neutrals in the layout. While I’m hooked on the bright colours, I don’t want to use only brights and then get bored by the colour options before the end of the year. I’m still amazed at how versatile this kit is though… I look at Elise Blaha’s pages and they look so different to mine because she’s used more neutrals, and I really do love the look.


This week didn’t take me anywhere near as long to complete. I think start to finish, it was about 3 hours, and that’s with filling in the planning page, and actually assembling the page. It turns out I didn’t take all that many pictures throughout the week, even though I had lots to document, so I ended up writing A LOT, as you can see! I like the mix of adding in lots of journalling, though. I also made an effort to date more of the journalling as well. I plan on making an effort to date, or at least label the days, for most of my photos and journalling throughout this project… I think it’ll be more interesting to look at later on down the track, where I can start seeing how our routines evolved over time.


Supplies used: Design A digital templateSeafoam full digital kit (with some elements recoloured), elements provided in Jessica Sprague’s Digital Project Life class, and quick shapes from Photoshop (people shapes)

To find out more about Project Life, you can check out Becky Higgins blog here, which has lots of photo ideas and inspiration. You can see all of my Project Life posts here


2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week 2

  1. Looking good! I am doing mine at the end of each month as I hate getting photos printed each week. I don’t have the patience to do it digital! Just editing the photos to the correct size driving me insane! Also, do you still do 12 by 12 Los?

    • Thanks Erin! I know what you mean about how tedious photo resizing can be! I think I prefer doing the digital pages more than just resizing though… Seems more creative then! I’m making the pages 12×12, but I’m unsure about printing at the moment… I was thinking of printing 12×12, but then I’d have to buy page protectors to use, where as I already have design A protectors, so I’m leaning more towards printing the individual photos and putting them in the already divided page protectors at this point. I’ll update here once I decide for sure!

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