Around Here


23456789101112131415161718The last couple of weeks have been about food and spending time together here. We’ve had lots of good meals (and a not so good one), and spent plenty of time together either locked in the aircon on the hot days, or enjoying long walks on the cooler days. The weather has been all over the place here, and it’s made us both feel rather drained and tired.

I’ve also read a book, started knitting again, and spent lots of time in Photoshop  and enjoyed all of it! I’m still playing around with my DSLR, and some of the photos I’m taking are coming out awesome, others are really dark still, which confuses me a little, since I’m lining up the light meter properly. I guess I’ll figure it out soon enough. On a happy note, I’ve taken 185 photos with the DSLR already this month, so only have 15 left to hit my target. To be honest, I’ll probably delete 60-70% of them, but it’s good practice at least, and the ones I like, I really like!



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