10 Things January – Favourite Foods

These last couple of months, I’ve been enjoying food. Well, I always enjoy food, but my favourite food is generally stuff you get during summer. So I thought I’d share a list of my favourite food right now.

  1. Mangoes – What’s not to love here?? We buy them boxes at a time here, and Michael will serve this up each afternoon as an afternoon snack. He’s awesome enough that he always eats the middle bit too, since I’m way to messy to eat it!
  2. Garden salad – I’ve always been big on the normal garden salad. The most often made salad here is using a bag of mixed lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, carrot and mushroom. Sometimes we add pineapple, beetroot, crushed nuts or whatever else we feel like. We always make a big container of it too, so it will do us most of a week
  3. Steak – I taught myself how to cook a good steak just to make liking a few years ago since I enjoy steak so much. I’ve now taught Michael how to make steak perfectly to my liking too! Sometimes I eat it by itself, sometimes with gravy, but my favourite ways to have it are with mushroom sauce or grilled mushrooms. Usually we have it with salad
  4. Chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce and salad – The best way to have schnitzel   I’ve noticed I don’t really have it any other way any more
  5. Chicken stir-fry – I usually cheat here and by a honey soy mix with frozen veggies, then add in extra water chestnuts and sliced champignon mushrooms. So good!
  6. Greek salad – This is something I’ve only recently fallen in love with. I never used to like feta cheese or olives, but the last few weeks, I can’t seem to get enough of either! I’m yet to make it myself though
  7. Big breakfast – Usually for breakfast I’ll just have toast, but if I ever go out for breakfast (and sometimes for lunch if a place we go to offers an all day breakfast!), I’m pretty much guaranteed to get a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms, hash browns and tomatoes. This is my all time favourite breakfast, although it’s too much effort to make myself!
  8. Chicken risotto – This usually takes forever to make since the rice always takes so long, but it’s right up there as a favourite! When I make it, I make huge amounts to last ages, so that we have leftovers for lunches
  9. Nachos – We’ve been experimenting making nachos a lot lately. We usually use the same meat we make up for chilli con carne, cheese, sour cream, and sometimes avocado on corn chips for them. I want to try a few variations as well.
  10. Michael’s soft-boiled eggs – He seriously makes the best soft-boiled eggs and toast soldiers! I never used to like runny egg yolks until he introduced me to these! He makes them for us most weekends now.

All this talk about food has now made me hungry, so I’m going to make some nachos now!


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