IMG_2942Time: 6.31pm
Sitting: At the dining table on the laptop, enjoying the aircon because it’s super hot here!
Drinking: Cold water straight from the fridge
Loving: The evening walks that me and Michael have been going on a lot lately. So relaxing, and a good chance for us to hang out and chat.
Creating: A fun project for my 26 projects involving my One Little Word
Planning: My first Project Life page while I wait for Jessica Sprague’s digital project life class to start
Writing: A list of ideas for interesting photography challenges… I’ve been coming up with a few I want to try throughout the year. Any ideas for photography challenges, feel free to let me know in the comments!
Waiting: For the Polaroid camera at Photojojo to come back into stock with larger amounts of film
Hoping: It arrives here before we head to Thailand!
Enjoying: Taking most of my photos with manual settings. Some are a little blurred, but the majority of them are getting much better!
Thinking: About what book I should take to work to read by the river during my lunch break
Wondering: How long it will take for our house to actually start being built
Sorting: Through a shelf of entertaining supplies to try and free up some space and make things easier to get to
Wanting: Ice cream. It’s rare I eat it, but I feel like it right now. Peter’s Extra Creamy vanilla… Yum!
Missing: Missing the extra days off I had over Christmas
Playing: Lots of Borderlands. This game is awesome and I haven’t gamed much in years!
Counting: Down the days I have left of work this week, knowing I have an extra day off on Friday
Enjoying: Aircon!
Needing: To knuckle down and finish my December Daily album!
Saving: Lots of bits and pieces of everyday life for my Project Life album this year… Reciepts, packaging, doodling, etc
Knowing: I should get Dad’s new laptop out and start setting up and, and should finish putting away Christmas decorations


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