26 Projects – Star Garland

Another project I made for Christmas last year is a star garland. This was pretty easy to make, but fairly time-consuming.

Garland 12

To start with, I gathered up everything I’d need, which is actually very little.

Garland 1

To make the stars, I cut wire long enough to wrap around the star cookie cutter, and then shaped it to the star with pliers. This was fiddly to start with when I was trying to use just my fingers, and got much easier with practice. I left a little overlap at the start and end so that when wrapped, the star would hold itself together with no problems. You can see this in the picture below.

Garland 4

I went ahead and made all the wire stars in a batch at the start, so that I could move on to wrapping the stars with string. I just used normal wool, in yellow and white, since that was what I had on hand. If I did this again, I would also choose another brighter yellow for a bit of variation, but I still love the results with just these 2.

Garland 5I don’t have photos of actually wrapping the wool around the stars since Michael was away and it was too fiddly to do this and mess with the camera timer, but to do it, I tied a single knot around the overlapped wire, then started wrapping the long end of the string around, covering over the short tail end of the string. I wrapped it fairly tightly as I went, and pushed it down close together, to make it sit a bit better around the overlapped parts and hold the overlapped parts a little better. At the end, I looped the ends of the string through the previous loop and pulled tight to tie off, rather than adding a bulky knot.

While wrapping the wire, I did use double thickness of wool, one in each colour for some stars, and 2 in plain yellow for the others. This was to make the process quicker, but also so the colours alternated on the yellow and white ones. I did try it with one stand of wool though, and it works fine.

Garland 6

I made the garland itself out of a plaited piece of wool. Since mine is just over 3 metres, plaiting the strands of wool took forever! I spent about 1 1/2 hours on this part of the project, because the strings kept getting tangled so I could only do a few of the plaits before untangling. I worked out if I spread the ends out and kept them in order, I only had to pull one out to keep it from untangling though.

Once this part was done, I tied the stars along the length, spacing them fairly evenly. I ended up using 21 stars, spaced about 15 cms apart. I originally tied them tight to the string but didn’t like the look, so I tied a knot about a centimetre from the star, then tied the knot tight to the plait for a bit of dangle. I like how that turned out so much better!

Garland 7

I adore how this ended up turning out! I had to hang it with horrible tape to hold it since I had run out of hooks, but walking into our lounge room while it’s up has made me smile every time!

What’s good about a project like this is you could make any shapes you want… Hearts for valentine’s day, shamrocks for St Patrick’s day, Christmas trees, candy canes and so much more. It would be a great project for kids as well, although they may get a bit bored before the end. These could also be used as tree decorations if you tied loops on them, which I’m thinking might be the plan for next year.Garland 13


This is project 9 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

See project 1, 2, 3, 45, 67 & 8, or all projects on Pinterest


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