26 Projects – Gift Tags

This year I wanted to do something cool for gift tags for all of the Christmas presents we gave out rather than buying some cute ones to use. I decided that I would make some with salt dough shaped as stars, then stamp on everyone’s names and the years, since I love the idea of giving everyone a personalised Christmas decoration each year anyway.

Gift Tags 1

I used these directions to make the dough, although I added yellow food colouring to the dough while making it. I cooked it in the pot until mash potato consistency, although if I make this again, I’ll actually cook it a little longer as it was extremely sticky. Even my non-stick rolling-pin managed to stick to it constantly. I kneaded in a lot of extra corn flour at this point.

Gift Tags 2

I also found that I had to bake the decorations a lot longer than specified. These instructions say to bake the decorations at 175 Fahrenheit for an hour, which in Celsius works out to be 80 degrees. I tried this, and found that the decorations took about 3 hours to completely dry, and for the second batch, I baked them at 100 degrees for about 2 hours.

Like these instructions mention, the dough does keep really well in the fridge, since I made the second batch the next day. I found once it cooled to room temperature once taken out of the fridge, the dough was actually easier to use, so next time, I’ll be refrigerating the dough for a day before using it.

Gift Tags 3

To stamp the names and year, I used stazon ink in red and green, although the green looks more black on these. I tried using PVA glue to varnish like the directions say, but I found it didn’t work too well and flaked straight, causing the ink to fade and smear, so I ended up using some left over glossy spray varnish from when I made my reindeers.

Gift Tags 4

This was a super easy project, and only cost me about $5, and in total, I made about 25 stars. I plan on making these again at some stage, and think this would be a great craft to do with Michael’s nieces when we baby sit them (they are 4 and 5 years old).


This is project 8 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

See project 1, 2, 3, 45, 6 & 7, or all projects on Pinterest


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