10 Things December – Christmas Love!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year for oh-so-many reasons, so I thought today I’d share a 10 of those reasons. This was a hard list to narrow down, that’s for sure! These are in no actual order, just randomly as they came to mind.

  1. Christmas lights – I love going around and visiting all the lights! They really are so magical. I’m excited that in a year or two, we’ll be able to start putting Christmas lights up on our new house, too. For the first time ever, we have Christmas lights on our Christmas tree, too!
  2. The food – Christmas is a seriously great food time! We always have a leg of ham, smoked leg of lamb and trifle at this time of the year, all of which are favourites that we don’t have year round. I’ve also done lots of holiday baking for presents the last 2 years as well, and plan to do the same this year
  3. Family time – I really like getting to spend time with my family and Michael’s family over the holidays. It’s usually laid back and relaxing, sitting around together chatting and catching up. Good times!
  4. Decorating – Although I didn’t do too well getting my decorations up as quickly as usual this year, I love setting up the tree and putting out other decorations. I’m finished decorating now though, and love the results!
  5. Craft Projects – Christmas crafts are always the most fun! There’s so much inspiration at this time of the year
  6. Time off work – I usually only get the public holidays off over Christmas (Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day), but it’s nice to have a little break to get away, even if it is only a few extra days.
  7. Fireworks – Who doesn’t love these?? I’d love to go to the City this year since I’ve never been, but I won’t finish work on New Years until too late to make it there, I’ll probably just stay in Parramatta for them.
  8. Photo opportunities – There is so much to photograph this time of year! People, decorations, lights, food, craft projects… The list is never-ending!
  9. Holiday classes – I’m following along doing a December Daily this year, so I’m taking the Studio Calico December Daily class, along with Maggie Holmes’ December Daily photography class, and Shimelle’s Journal your Christmas class. So much fun!
  10. Christmas movies – While I like watching kids movies on occasion, I feel a lot less guilty taking the time to watch Christmas movies! I plan on watching Elf and Bad Santa over the next few days, and I’m sure there will be others I watch this year as well.

We try not to schedule anything during December if we can help it, so that we can have a more laid back pace for the month so that we can fit in a lot of the above holiday stuff. There still ends up being lots on, but it’s definitely nice not being out every weekend.


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