Today I want to Remember…

photo (6)

How great my my life is right now.

I have the greatest guy ever. He spoils me with early Christmas presents and takes the time to play through Borderlands 2 we with, even though he’s completed it a couple of times already, because it’s way more fun in multiplayer.

Favourite time of the year. The food, the decorations, giving presents, relaxing, celebrating and everything in between. Although the weather is a little heywire the last week, it’s still been quite enjoyable.

Our apartment. Even though we’re moving out once we build, I do really love this place! I’ve lived here for a little over 2 years now, and I’ll always remember it as our first place together. I want to make a photobook of this place when we move out, and every place we live together in the future. It’s also within walking distance from work, which is the best ever!

Photoshop. It runs amazing on this laptop! I still haven’t spent much time on it, but the time I have spent has been super productive compared to how long it used to take me to get anything done on the old computer.

December Daily. I love everything about this project. The whole concept is awesome! I’m loving all the inspiration I’m seeing online surrounding this project, too. I’ve taken some photos and done some journalling, and will be spending some time over the next day or 2 getting my first few pages done, since Thursday is late night shopping and a great time to pick up photos.

Crafting. I have a million and one projects on the go at the moment. I need to focus a little though, so I can start actually finishing and sharing some! I’m loving all the inspiration though… Super fun!

Big Bang Theory. This is such a fun show. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it until now!

Organising and clearing out junk. My craft room was recently taken over by a heap of things being shoved in there since there is very little storage place here. I’ve spent some time the last week clearing some things out and sorting through papers… Mostly classes and interesting ebooks and the likes. It’s nice to see the floor, desk and book shelves in there!

Online shopping. A recent addition. I’ve spent up big the last few weeks ordering items to ship to Mum while she’s in the US and I can take advantage of the cheaper shipping fees. I’m looking forward to all the goodies I get mid-month when she’s home!

How happy I am!


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