December Goals


I did super well with my November goals, making progress on all but one. I even ended up doing a lot of extra things I didn’t have listed, like my blog facelift. It ended up being a very productive month!

Since December tends to be quite busy, I’m going to have an easy month. While I have lots of things I want to do throughout the month, I’m planning on fitting in a fair bit of downtime throughout as well. I’m betting the early months of next year will be quite busy with house stuff, so I’m going to enjoy the holiday season as much as I can.

Without further adieu, here are my goals for the month!

  • Decorate for Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas and can’t wait to get in to it!
  • Finish my One Little Word album. I have about 4 months of lessons to do, but most of them are pretty straight forward
  • Journal the rest of my 365 album from last year. I only need to do one week of journalling a day to have it done by Christmas
  • Celebrate Mum’s home coming. She’s back from her US trip mid-month, after spending 3 weeks away
  • Organise all of my 2012 photos, and if I have time, my 2011 photos as well. I’d like to start the new year getting into good photo management habits!
  • Get most of my December Daily pages done. I’m super excited for this!
  • Celebrate Rebecca’s birthday with her
  • Make some yummy goodness! Most of my Christmas cooking will be as presents and for hosting Christmas here
  • Host Christmas dinner here with Dad and my sister’s the weekend before Christmas
  • Take a photo a day. This should be super easy since December has so many options for things to photograph!

Bring on December! 🙂


5 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. Great Goals for December. I just finish organising my printed photos for 2005 to 2011. I need to print this years photos still. ( Going to go through all of them in Jan). Thankful though I have all the photo organised on my computer. Good Luck with it!

    • I’m not even close to having mine organised on the computer! I tend to take a couple of thousand photos each year, so I struggle to keep up with them sometimes. And with multiple backups and moving between multiple computers, I have some folders duplicated numerous times, so this is something I really dread! Any tips for me since yours are organised??? 😉

      • Time loads of time.

        I gort my up to two years ago. first put them all in one folder. Then Basically I made folders for each month of the year. This month label would 2012 12 Dec. This way of labelling them ensure they stay in order. Then since all the photo were in one folder. I view by list with the info. Then I just cut and pasted photos into there months. After they were sorted like this I just deleted all the duplicate. Once they were up to date I just made sure every month I did the same.

        Futhermore i have a folder on the desktop of photo waiting to be edited.
        Once it all sorted it just about main thence.

        I hope want I wrote makes sense. If you want I can take some screen shots of what I mean.

      • Good idea about starting with them all in one folder and viewing by list! I think that might help me a lot for it. I actually label mine the same way, and if I have lots of photos on a particular day, I just use a sub folder in the monthly folder. I tend not to really edit photos since I’m still learning and don’t do it to many photos still. I think I might give the one folder thing a go. This year and last year I already have down to monthly folders, and that’s about it. I like to rename the photos, and that’s what seems to take up a lot of the time. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

      • I am writing on my phone and it not functioning correctly. I can see now about 101 mistakes in what I just wrote. Sorry

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