Inspiration Files – November

I realised when I reread my inspiration files post from last month that I had gone a little overboard with links, so I’ve decided from now on to restrict the number of inspiring links to 5-8 per post in total. This will make it easier for me to write, along with being less overwhelming to read. Now, on to what’s been inspiring me for the last 30 days!

  • My Sister’s Suitcase created some printable hashtag cards that would be great to use for project life next year! I can see so many ideas for these to be used with photos and journalling!
  • I loved this post about how Jeanette Van Houten and her niece have collected photos over a thousand photos and photo albums from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy and scanned and uploaded them on Facebook in the hopes that their owners would be able to recover them. Such a nice thing to do for people in such an awful circumstance
  • Design for Mankind wrote a post about why she blogs, and I love this so much! It’s interesting to think about how much this reason will change over the years as your life circumstances change.
  • I so want this stamp! I’ve been wanting to send out more happy mail to friends and family, and it would be so awesome to be able to stamp the envelopes to say happy mail… Way better than the usual bills and advertising people usually get in the mail!
  • This was a fun podcast featuring Kelly Purkey as the guest. I plan on going back and listening to some of Julie’s other podcasts as well. Until I found this on twitter, I never knew they existed. I so want Kelly’s new Christmas stamps, too!
  • I think this post on using copic markers is quite good. There are quite a few links with information and ideas throughout, and most of them actually have images you can learn to colour, which is awesome!
  • I’m excited about Christmas and all the classes and projects you see around at this time of year. I decided that I’d undertake Maggie Holmes’ the December Daily photography workshop bundled with the Studio Calico 25 Days December Daily album class. These look like fun!

So, this sums up some of the random things that have been inspiring me throughout November! I’m now looking forward to what December has in store for me since it’s my favourite month of the year!


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