December Daily Foundation Pages 2012

I’ve spent the last week doing some work on the base pages of my December Daily album. I know what format I’m going to use for it, and have made my journalling cards for each day, so I’m here to share! I’m yet to make a cover, but that will likely happen over the next couple of weeks easily enough. Note: This is a photo heavy post!

For my album, I’m using a Simple Stories Sn@p Album and alternating page protectors between 6×8 and the ones with 2 4×6 spaces. Each day will have a double page spread, with one of the 4×6 spaces as my journalling card, and for the other 4×6 and 6×8 spot, I’ll be mixing them up. I have Ali’s 6×8 and 4×6 templates to use as well, for if I want to do photo collages for either page. Some days I’ll use photos for one or the other, some spots will have patterned paper and be embellished, some may have extra journalling. Below is a couple of examples of how I will have each page.

I have most of my supplies together and ready to go, but I have to wait for my album and page protectors to arrive back from the US when Mum comes back over home in mid-December. I’ve ordered the album (along with one for last years December Daily that I’ll be working on putting together when I get spare time this month as well), page protectors and lots of Christmas stamps to use. I already have quite a bit of Christmas embellishments, washi tape, patterned paper and the likes here, so I want to work mostly from my stash.

While I will be doing daily pages, I probably won’t work on this every single day, more likely I will work on it 1-2 afternoons a week, since I’ll only be printing photos once a week anyway. I plan on sharing my pages at the start of each week, probably Monday or Tuesday, but it may vary with this being the busiest month of the year.

So, on to my journalling cards… I’ve used Ali’s 4×6 journalling cards that she created for this project this year, and have decorated them with patterned paper and washi tape. Nothing ridiculously fancy. I’ve used the top title sets in red for the odd pages, and the bottom title sets in green for the even pages.

I’ve also downloaded and printed lots of Ali’s other Christmas printables to use throughout the month when I want a little extra embellishment. I have these labels, these journal cards, these banners, these 4×6 sentiment brushes, and these 3×4 sentiment brushes.

Last year I signed up for Journal your Christmas with Shimelle, and on days I’m stuck for ideas, I’ll be using some of her journalling and photography prompts for ideas, and I’ll be fitting them in when I have space on a page. I’ll also be referring back to Ali’s list of ideas here if I get stuck. I also have a Pinterest board for my December Daily inspiration as well.

Overall, I’ve tried to keep this fairly simple, and prepped what I could ahead of time this year. I like that while I have a set format for each day, there is still lots of flexibility for each as well. I like the options of it! And this post is about twice as long as I meant for it to be now, so I’m off to bed! 🙂

You can read more about this project here, where Ali has a lot of details about her previous December Daily albums, from the day-to-day pages, to how she constructs her albums, ideas and tips, reader shared pages and everything in between.


6 thoughts on “December Daily Foundation Pages 2012

  1. Looks great! I love the Ali Edwards templates and think I will incorporate some of those in to my album as well. Just waiting for December to begin so I have a clearer idea as to what I want to include each day!! Good luck with your album.

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