GTO Car Meet

Michael has spent the last few months on his car forums organising a national car meet for the car club that he’s in, which finally happened today. He had some of his friends from all around Australia heading to Sydney for the weekend so that they could catch up, socialise, admire each others cars and eat good foods.

In total, they ended up having 14 GTO’s plus about 4 other cars that belonged to GTO drivers, but were in having work done on them. A few of the people I knew, but most I was meeting for the first time, even though I’ve heard a lot about this since Michael has known them for a while. I was also rather grateful for the fact that quite a few of the other guys had their girlfriends there as well… It was nice to be able to also relax and catch up with other girls.

After the weather being average all week, it turned out to be an amazing day weather-wise. The sun was out all day and it was pleasant. Even though we were driving most of the day, we really should have worn sunscreen though, since we not both look like beetroot!

We followed a similar route to our date day at the start of the month, which is laid out on the map here. We even stopped at the same places, which were the lookout with the amazing view from the cliffs and then through the national park and at the cafe on the beach in Bulli. We had to stop at Picton as well, since one of the guys missed a turnoff, even though he was following everyone else, and another guy had to stop because of issues with his oil pressure, but apart from that, it was smooth sailing.

After all the driving, we headed to a restaurant called Torque, which had a car theme throughout. Their menu even showed the theme, with add ons to a meal being called “Spare Parts” and sauces and gravy and the likes being labelled “Lubricants”! We arrived a bit early for our booking, so started out hanging around chatting, and then us girls made out way inside to sit and relax and drink. There was actually an event there right before ours for a Miss Pinup Girl contest. This was pretty cool to see, with all the girls dressed up in their 50’s outfits with hair and makeup and cool cars! The food here was seriously amazing, as were the cocktails!

There was a little awards presentation at the end of the night, where they gave out trophies for the most modified card for the car that had been done up the most, the merchant award, for the guy who always helped everyone scout car parts when needed, the tourist award for the couple who traveled the furthest to get to the car meet (the had driven from Queensland to Sydney going around the rest of the country first!), the breakdown award, to the guy who broke down at 2am in the morning on the way to the car meet, and the most improved car, which went to a guy who actually had a bomb of a GTO and instead of doing it up, brought a completely new one. The other guys also presented Michael with a bottle of champers as a thank you as well.

Our night ended at about 11pm, when we finally headed home. It was an amazing day overall, but we were both exhausted by the end! I’m so proud of Michael for organising such an awesome day!


5 thoughts on “GTO Car Meet

    • A lot of the areas down that way are really nice, and I’ve noticed they all are so much more laid back and slow paced, too. It’s always nice to get away to an area like that! I might have to check it out some time based on your recommendation 🙂

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