Thursday Thankful


Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I still love the idea of spending time giving thanks. There are so many good things in my life, that it’s nice to spend some time recognizing them, so I figured today I would list some of them as a reminder of all the things I’ve been appreciating this month.

  • Michael – This guy is amazing! He spoils me so much and is always there to chat and hang out. I enjoy every moment I spend with him!
  • Family – I’m pretty close with Mum, Dad and my sisters, even though they all live an hour and a half away from here. I love getting to catch up with them every few weeks
  • Travel – Not just for me, but for other people around me too. I’m glad that Mum is heading over to the US again tomorrow. It really is nice to see her getting out an about since she’s only travelled once before
  • My new laptop – This thing is so fast and runs about a million times better than my last one. I love being able to run Photoshop hassle free, and having a working memory card reader again!
  • Building a house – It’s nice to be in a position that we are able to build a place. It’s exciting knowing we get to make it how we want it to be as well! I’m really enjoying this adventure so far!
  • My blog – While I don’t always know what to write, I do love this little space on the web that I have! I find it challenging learning all the new things about it, and love all the classes I’ve done surrounding it
  • Fun projects – I have quite a few going on at the moment, and I really do enjoy the time I spend crafting!
  • Good food – I’ve been heading out for meals quite a lot this month… Lunch dates and dinner dates with family and friends. I’m enjoying all the good food and the places we’re trying! Looking forward to trying some new homemade meals over the next few months as well
  • My cameras – I have been pretty bad at taking photos lately, but I would still be lost without the cameras I have! I love my phone for it’s versatility and instagram, my point and shoot for the fact that I have it with me everywhere, and the DSLR for the challenge it presents while learning it!
  • My job – While I don’t always enjoy it, it’s nice knowing I have a stable job and stable income which makes building a place a possibility. So many people don’t have this luxury

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thankful

  1. It funny, me and hubby were just the other day saying that despite our sadness of how Americanise Australia is coming, the concept of Thanksgiving is one that we would be okay. I think we all forget to stop and take those moment to be Thankful what we have, we all seam to get up caught up in the negative. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I know what you mean! It’s easy to forget all you have to be thankful for when it’s there every day. If you forget it’s there though, you always end up wanting more!

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