Time: 9.57pm
Sitting: On the lounge at home with my feet up again
Sneezing: Like Crazy today and have no idea why
Drinking: A hot cut of tea, strong, with 1 1/2 sugars now that I’ve cut down from 2
Wearing: My comfiest flannelette pajama pants, a singlet and my cozy dressing gown. Definitely a night for relaxing clothes!
Loving: How sweet Michael is. He gave me a foot rub and back rub this evening, and I’m super relaxed and blissed out
Creating: My December Daily base pages, along with getting together a lot of Christmas supplies to use this year while making my album. Looking forward to using 6×8 templates as well!
Planning: The list of presents I plan on getting for everyone this year for Christmas. Part way through the list, still a few more ideas needed though. Also planning out Christmas baking ideas
Writing: More plans for further blog updates. I’m part way through Blog (Design) Love class, and have been coming up with further ideas of what to try next
Waiting: For the weekend to come again. Since we were so busy last week end, I feel like I haven’t had a break at all!
Finishing: A Christmas garland. Only needing another night or so of making stars and it will be done and ready for me to share!
Enjoying: The fact that I finish early tomorrow and have no plans tomorrow night. Crafty night it is! I might even grab some wine 🙂
Thinking: About how I really should head to bed!
Wondering: If we should book Skydiving for Christmas for ourselves… We decided to do it for our Christmas present this year, but now that we’re building a place, it may be smarter to wait a year.
Sorting: Out my pinterest folders. It’s been annoying me how crazy they are to find things in at the moment!
Wanting: To start trying a lot of new recipes since I’ve been getting bored with the foods we usually eat


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