2011 Project Life Part 3

I’ve been spending some more time working on my Project 365 album again, so I though I’d share some more pages. This easily takes the prize for being the biggest photo project that I’ve undertaken before!

In the last couple of days, I’ve managed to get the last of my photos in the album. Well except for the one that was missed from my order. It’s a little frustrating knowing that all the photos are done, except for one missing gap in them! It only took me an hour or 2 to get all of the photos in, and I’ve even done a couple of weeks of the journalling as well, which makes me pretty happy!

I didn’t have much light today to take photos of the next couple of months since it was so grey and overcast all day, but I did managed to take some more to share. As always, click on the image to view the pictures bigger. Excuse some of the wonk photos… Michael decided annoying me while trying to take photos was a good idea! 🙂

One observation I’ve made as I’ve been working on the journalling for this project is that you can fit so much more on these cards than I expected! It looks like such a small space for writing, but when I actually transferred my notes on to them, they pretty much all fit. I think I’ve used about 5 of the folded journalling cards for the first 6 months only. I think it helps that I can reword them as well, so that there is more chance of them fitting.

I’m loving this project so much more now that I’ve finished with cropping photo corners and that I’m getting so close to the end. It’s like there is a renewed excitement growing the closer I get, and I know with all certainty that this project will be finished in the next couple of weeks, which is so awesome!

If you want more information on project life, you can start here. Completed using the Amber album and core kit and design A page protectors.


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