10 Things November – TV shows

Yes, I know I’m 2 days late with this, but this month is flying past! It’s gotten away from me quite quickly. Seeing as I did have a post planned for the 10th of the 10th though, I decided I’m still going to share, though.

I don’t like quietness when I’m crafting, so I always have to be listening to something in the background. Sometimes music or podcasts are the best options, especially if I’m doing something fiddly, but my preference is to watch TV shows as I create instead. I’ve been doing this for years, since I love TV, but aren’t one to sit and watch and do nothing else. It makes me feel rather lazy when I do, so combining 2 things I enjoy works well.

My 10 things for this month is some TV shows that I’ve enjoyed watching this year as I craft. Most of them are new to me this year. These are in no particular order either, just as I thought of them. I’m surprised I managed to come up with 9 new shows I started watching this year, too!

  1. Teen Wolf – Great perving potential in this one! Especially season 2, where the number of werewolves goes up!
  2. New Girl – I discovered this on the plane home from NZ. Not my usual type of show, but very lighthearted and still fun
  3. Person of Interest – Michael discovered this one, and I love the mystery behind it. I’ve been hooked from the first episode I watched
  4. Big Bang Theory – How have I not discovered this sooner?!? I started watching season 1 yesterday, at this rate, I’ll be done the whole lot in a week or so
  5. Revenge – AMAZING! I was so hooked on this show that I managed to watch the whole first season in 1 weekend. Who needs sleep?
  6. Once upon a Time – Discovered this one shortly after Revenge, and love the grown up twist to well-loved fairy tales
  7. Game of Thrones – This was a show me and Michael actually watched together, and we both agree it was awesome. Can’t wait to read the books
  8. Happy Endings – No idea how Michael discovered this one, but he got me on to this one. It’s lighthearted and fun
  9. CSI Miami – I’ve watched the most recent season previously, but lately I went back and watched season 1
  10. Dollhouse – This is another one I started watching with Michael. Who doesn’t love a show where the chick can kick ass and do cool stuff?

We don’t actually own a TV here though. I’m not a fan of waiting a whole week to watch new episodes, so I usually wait until a season finishes and watch it online or borrow the DVD’s from someone. This works so much better for us, as we can watch as many episodes as we want, and don’t have to worry about ads.

If anyone has any other ideas for TV shows to watch while crafting, feel free to leave me a note!


6 thoughts on “10 Things November – TV shows

    • I agree that it should have gone for a lot longer! I was a little disappointed that Michael got me hooked on it and then after a season mentioned that there is only 2 seasons in total!

      • He does have some good stuff! I used to love Buffy and Angel, but Mum didn’t like me watching them much. And Avengers was awesome!! I’ve been meaning to watch Firefly for awhile, but I know there isn’t much to that series either… Only one season, from memory…

      • Firefly is worth watching… just make sure you watch it in the order joss whedon made it to be watched in not the order that fox broadcasted them in, plus there is the movie that at least finish the story line.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to look up the order when I watch them! I think I might start on that series after I watch all of Big Bang Theory 🙂

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