November Date Night

This month I hadn’t told Michael what our date night was going to be. Last weekend when he decided he wanted to test out a driving route that he’s wanting to take some car guys to, I decided that I’d come along and then take him to lunch at the other end as our date for the month.

It was such a gorgeous day! We first headed to the Royal National Park where we went to the end of one drive and stopped at the cliffs to have a look out over the ocean. If it wasn’t for being scared of heights, I would have loved it so much more. The view was amazing though!

After that, we headed to Bulli, which is near Wollongong. It was a great drive through the national park, and it was basically rain forest either side of the road for a lot of the drive. We had lunch at a cafe on the beach while we were at Bulli, and watched a lot of cyclist riding past. We found out on the day that there was a big cycling race riding from Sydney to Wollongong, which passed Bulli Beach. The food at the cafe there was awesome though. I had a Hawaiian chicken burger and Michael had fish and chips, and we were both quite impressed. Their hazelnut caramel swirl frappes were amazing as well.

When we finished lunch, we headed home via Picton and Silverdale. By this stage, the driving had hit me and I was rather tired, so I slept a lot of the way. We did stop off at our block of land on the way though, which was a bit of fun.

All up, we were gone for about 6 hours, most of which was driving. It really was an amazing drive though, and fantastic weather and fantastic company to go with it! Hopefully when we do the same drive at the end of the month with Michael’s car club, it will be just as awesome!


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