2011 Project 365 Part 2

I’ve spent some more time today working on my Project 365 photos from last year, and it’s coming along nicely, I must say! I decided that I’d share another couple of months of my album as well (up to the end of March). Like last time, if you want to see the image larger, just click on it.

One observation I’ve made as I’m going through and getting my photos in the album is that my camera takes the photos at a different aspect ratio to how they end up printing when I print them 4×6 size. While most of the photos turn out ok, there are a few I think I may end up reprinting because it ends up cutting out details I want to keep. Also a few have printed a little darker than expected, so I may end up going back and editing them a little also. For now, though, my focus is getting the photos in the album and the journalling done.

I’m still finding the slowest part of this project is rounding the corners of the photos. I managed to round all the corners with my corner chomper in an evening, but then I’ve been going back and tidying up the overhang bits to make them look much neater. I spent 3 hours or so doing it this afternoon, only to realise that I only got through about 3 months of photos! If I was to go back and do a full year again next time, I think I would stick to not rounding the corners.

If you want more information on project life, you can start here. Completed using the Amber album and core kit and design A page protectors.


4 thoughts on “2011 Project 365 Part 2

  1. I like your layout- it’s very symetrical without being lifeless, although since you said it, I think it would really be just fine if the corners were squared.

    • Thanks! I think the corners would look ok squared as well, but since I started rounding them, I decided I’d continue just so it matches throughout the one album. And these kits are awesome with the symentry. The designs are awesome!

    • Thanks Ronnie! I actually wrote a sentence or 2 each day when I was taking the photos once I’d chosen the one’s I wanted to use, so it was pretty easy. The few days I didn’t have much to say tended to end up little notes like “Love this guy” and the likes.

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