November Goals

photo (2)

And it’s that time of the month again! I started out at the start of last month doing so well with my October goals, but it dropped off a bit throughout the month due to various things, mostly Pop passing away and the amount of house stuff we have been doing. Since things are settling back down again, I’m hoping to do a bit better this month! My goals for the month are:

  • To finish reading the 50 Shades trilogy (I only have book 3 to go!)
  • Assemble the base for my December Daily album so it’s all ready to go next month, and share the base pages
  • Enjoy a Christmas crafting day with Mum and the girls. Take lots of photos of the projects I’m working on so I can share more craftiness!
  • Go through everything on my laptop and organise it as I transfer it all to my new laptop
  • Spend some time putting the last 6 months of photos into my Project 365 album, and share more pages
  • Organise our bedroom cupboard and start clearing out some junk and freeing up some space
  • Catch up on all the videos from Project Real Life
  • Try and complete all of my Christmas shopping, or at least know what I’m getting for everyone
  • Start a project involving gold stray paint. Since we don’t have a yard, I need to work out a way to set up some sort of spray booth. Maybe an old cardboard box?
  • Actually do some work on my One Little Word album since I’ve slacked off a little in the last few months. This project has helped me to come a long way this year, so I want to stick with it!

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