Inspiration Files – October

It’s been such a busy month and I haven’t been spending much time online at all, but I still have a list of things that have me excited this month, so here goes!

  • Firstly, so new news about Project Life. Becky has created a partnership with American Crafts that was announced earlier this week. This is super exciting as I won’t have to order from overseas and wait for weeks for products, and will hopefully be able to get the products in local stores here in Australia! She’s also announced a partnership with Studio Calico, meaning they’ll offer Project Life kits each month as well!
  • I loved Elise’s post with her tips about dealing with email. I seem to always have about 30+ emails whenever I check my emails, and it can be quite overwhelming! Doesn’t help that I only check my emails at home about twice a week though. It’s nice finding out that I’m not the only one who loves a completely clear inbox though!
  • Cathy has a post on her blog about her 30 days of Thankful mini album. I’m thinking I might make something like this, since it looks so nice and simple! I’m going to assemble pages over the weekend, and in the meantime, I’ll just write some basic notes for it.
  • Stamps have become a favourite lately… I’ve never been that big on using them, but lately there have been so many sets that I’m liking, that I’ve been buying a lot of them. My last stamp purchase had this one, this one, and this one from Amy Tangarine, this one from Two Peas and Hero Arts, and this one from Basic Grey and Hero Arts. I’m looking forward to spending some time with them on the weekend making some journalling cards.
  • After seeing the products Ali used for her Ireland trip and the class she taught there, I’ve decided I’m so doing this for my next travel album!! This looks like such a fun little album, and I’m a huge collector of stuff while travelling anyway, so it would be nice to have somewhere to keep it all. I must admit though, I am pretty horrible about doing this stuff on the trip itself though. I also loved her weeks 40 and 41 of project life… She was travelling one week and did 12×12 page photos for both sides of the album… Stunning!
  • I also loved this travel mini album, done with the same Simple Stories album as Ali’s. These are seriously the cutest!!
  • I’ve been reading the 50 Shades books this week, and I’m hooked! I’m up to book 2 at the moment. Definitely up there on my list of favourite books!
  • Organising and cleaning out junk has been on my mind lately… Partially because it’s always on my mind this time of year, but also because we’re planning on building our new place. One post I saw recently was this one, about garage organisation. At the moment, we have a single garage, but 3 cars between us. Since we do all the work on our cars ourselves, there is a lot of tools to try and cram in there. This made me happy, as it gave me ideas for our new house, which will have a double garage, plus space in the back for a workshop!

Sorry for the delay in this post, I had it scheduled to post last night, but I mustn’t have done it right since it never ended up posting at all. It was my first time attempting to schedule a post, so I’ll have to mess around with it some more.


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