It’s finally here!!

I finally got the call to say that my laptop had finally arrived today! It was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago originally, but for some reason there were delays. I’ve called pretty much every day since last Wednesday though, and JB have been chasing it up with Dell daily as well, but it’s finally paid off and I can now say I’m the proud owner of an Alienware M17x gaming laptop!

I had this baby built to order, upgrading pretty much everything in it, so it should beat the pants off most laptops, even Michael’s (which I happen to know cost him twice as much as this cost me, only a year or so ago)! I’ve spent half the night doing updates and getting some programs installed, but there is a still a long way to go before I have this thing completely ready. It’s a start though, and I’m glad that I finally have it here! It may be awhile until I crank Photoshop though, since we have a full on couple of weeks ahead of us still, but I’m still excited knowing this will allow me to run it well. It’s oh-so fast, too!

I wasn’t planning on posting about a laptop tonight, but I’m excited to finally have it here, and have been too busy getting it set up to really post anything else.


2 thoughts on “It’s finally here!!

    • Thanks, Carrie! It sure is!! I forgot just how good it was having a decent laptop! It’s still a work in progress though, I’ve had barely any time to get it set up!

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