2011 Project 365 Part 1

I’ve finally started putting my project 365 album together with my photos from last year! This is a project I’ve been putting off since June last year, when Mum brought me back an Amber Project Life kit from her US trip! (Click on photos to view larger)

I thought this project would take a lot longer than it has so far, to be honest, and because of that, it has been quite easy to put off. The format I’m using is one photo a day for the entire year, along with a journalling card with a few details of the day, a random thought or something about the photo. I had all my photos organised from last year, along with all of my journalling printed out, so I’ve trimmed the corners of the photos, slide in the photos, journal and call it done! Using the corner trimmer is the part that takes the longest for the whole process, and I’ve realised I can do 6 months of photos in a few nights anyway.

So far, I have the first 6 months of photos and journalling done and in the album. This is way more than I planned on having done by the end of the month, and it only took me about an hour or 2 each night for a week or so. I’ve also started cutting the corners off the photos from the second half of the year too, so I should have this project done by the end of next month if this continues! Seeing it started is great for momentum! So quick, simple and effortless! These photos are the of the first month of my album. Simple, nicely designed and quite a bit recorded, just from the first month! Love it!

If you want more information on project life, you can start here. Completed using the Amber album and core kit and design A page protectors.


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