Around Here

These last 7 days have been rough. Very full on. I haven’t felt like there is much to say, which is why I missed my post on Thursday. Except for the last 2 nights, I’ve been lucky to get 5 hours sleep since last weekend, and it’s caught up with me… I’ve felt queasy for the last 3 days now, and feel like I could sleep for a week!

I’ve spent way too much time on the phone this week, chasing up the police to find out when they’re coming to fingerprint my car since they still haven’t shown up and I’m not supposed to move it until they do, and also chasing up my laptop which still hasn’t arrived. I’ve also spent lots of time talking to Mum, trying to be there for her, because I know if it’s a rough time for me, it’s going to be way worse for her. We had Pop’s funeral yesterday, so hopefully that makes it a little easier for her, since she won’t be rushing around as much and can catch up on sleep herself.

I’ve decided it’s time to try to get my mojo back, though. I’ve had a good happy mail day over the weekend when I picked my mail up from Mum’s place, getting project life page protectors, washi tape, my Project Real Life cards and some stamps, so I’m feeling a little more inspired again. We’ve also been looking at a lot of display homes, and are hoping to decide some time in the next few weeks whether we’re going to build a place, and if so, where and which design. It’s rather exciting and scary all at once!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with more to share about the work I’ve done with my Project 365 photos in the next couple of days though.


2 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Hi Jess

    Sorry to read of your recent loss. But Project life certainly should help keeping you busy 🙂 I started this year, but am a little behind – mind you – I don’t keep it SIMPLE like she suggests, so it is self inflicted pain. Just wondering how you are liking the Project Real Life class so far? Are you finding it worthwhile? And you Amy Tangerine stamps with the elephant – where did you acquire them? I have the rest through my local Spotlight, but they don’t have that one. Also, is your xmas washi from freckled Fawn or local? Good luck on your exciting housing venture – which ever way you go – your “to do list” will then be never ending 🙂


    Tania on the Central Coast

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tania! Project Life is certainly keeping me busy. I actually haven’t had much time the the Project Real Life class yet, every weekend for more than a month now has been full with house hunting, display home viewings, checking out blocks of land and the likes. The Amy Tangarine stamp with the elephant was ordered online from Two Peas. I imagine over the next few months Spotlight will eventually have them though… They’ve only started selling her products fairly recently as is. And yes, the washi is from Freckled Fawn… My first order through them. Love the Christmasy designs! I so know what you mean with the to do list being never ending… I feel that way already! It takes up so much time to find a place and make the decisions. I think in the last 2 days, me and Michael have probably emailed each other about 30 or so times with discussions and decisions! 🙂

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