It’s been a stressful few days around here, with Pop passing away, having no hot water in the unit and having someone attempt to steal my car and messing up the ignition so it now won’t start, so this I’m struggling with having a desire to write. So instead of trying to write something amazing, I’m going to stick to my favourite type of blog post instead!

Sitting: On the lounge at home, with my feet up on the coffee table
Drinking: A cold glass of milk
Missing: Michael, who is away in Melbourne again. He’s spent equal amounts of time between NSW and Victoria for the last 2 months since there is so much work he needs to do at the office there
Writing: Catch up diary entries for my Oh Life diary… I still write them every day, but sometimes it’s with pen and paper and I type them up later
Playing: Pioneer Trail on Facebook. I’ve barely played in about a month, but today I feel blah and stressed, so it’s peaceful
Loving: That my sore knee that gave me trouble for a week and a half seems to be getting better. I may even make it to the gym later in the week if it continues!
Waiting: To get my new laptop still… It was supposed to only take 1-2 weeks, now it will be 3 weeks at the earliest
Finishing: The first row of my blanket… 7 rows left to go!
Enjoying: Barely spending time at the computer. It gives me so much more time to do other stuff!
Knowing: I need to get back to they gym and stop eating out again. I feel so much worse than what I did when I was going to the gym regularly!
Saving: As much as I can! Realising if we want to build a place, it will likely be more pricey, especially since Michael likes the idea of 2 storey!
Trying: To decide if buying or building is the right option for us
Wondering: If I should buy a lottery ticket? It seems all the bad luck has to turn around at some stage!
Watching: The TV show Person of Interest. Loving it so far!
Realising: I’m addicted to starting new online classes! Now to get better at doing them!
Admiring: The Simple Stories albums and divided page protectors. Thinking I might use these for my December Daily this year.
Assembling: My Project 365 album from last year. I have put in the first 6 months of photos and journalling. I have the next 6 months printed and ready to go. It’s not taking anywhere near as long as I expected
Worrying: About Mum. She seems to have put on a brave face, but I know she’s super stressed and upset. Trying to help out as much as possible to make things easier for her
Wanting: A hot shower in the morning. It’s hard to have ice-cold showers in the morning!
Needing: To go to bed!


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Hey Jess, thanks for sharing this post with us – it’s nice to be able to see in a snapshot how you’re going. I’m sorry again for your loss…. it’s always hard when we lose someone we love. Must make it harder that Michael is away. Thinking of you.
    Ronnie xo

    • Thank you for the kind words, Ronnie. It is definitely not nice losing someone you love, especially when you’re so far from family and friends. It’s nice to be able to feel connectioned online

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