Christmas Inspiration!

I know Christmas is still a little over 2 months away, but being in Australia, we don’t really have Halloween or Thanksgiving, so I figure I’m going to start thinking ahead to Christmas anyway! I’ve been browsing Pinterest a bit over the last few days, and there are so many ideas on there that I wanted to share some Christmas inspiration.

  • I haven’t really given Christmas cards in years, but I do love this idea of doing a summary of the year. I’ve started thinking about what we can include on it, and I think this will be happening this year for sure!
    Year in a Nutshell Holiday Photo CardsFamily Year in Review Christmas Photo Cards
  • These Christmas trees look awesome! I was planning on making baubles this way this year before I even saw this, but I think I’ll end up making the trees as well!String Christmas tree
  • I’d love to make these as gift tags for presents! They would be something that everyone could keep afterwards as decorations, too!
    Gift tags
  • These cupcakes look amazing! I love giving baked goods for some of my family members, and I think these would be pretty fun to make! They look tasty, too
    Creative Christmas Cupcakes
  • Cute Christmas card idea if I had kids!
    Christmas card idea
  • This would be a cool idea instead of having an actual wreath hanging on the door! Super easy to make, too!
    Christmas frame
  • Finnish Star. I actually made some of these last year, that I’m sure I’ll end up hanging up again this year. They took ages, but I love how they look!
    Finnish Star
  • I love the Elf on a Shelf idea! So wish we had this guy around when we were kids!
    Elf on a Shelf
  • Holiday place cards… I think these would be cute set out on the table while hosting a Christmas meal! I think I’d leave them in the wrappers though and just tie them off if possible
    Place Cards
  • These Christmas hats are adorable! I think I might actually learn to crochet so I can make these at some stage!
    Christmas hats

All images are linked to the sites where I found them.

I’m in the process of gathering Christmas craft ideas to try to make this a mostly home-made Christmas, and it’s quite refreshing! Now to get back to work on some of the ideas so that I can actually display them this year! 🙂


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