10 Things October – Current Projects

On the 10th of each month, Shimelle does a link up of 10 things. People can choose any 10 things they want, and this month, I’ve decided to a bit of a round-up of current projects I’m working on.ย I always have lots of projects going on and I tend to start them, and not be all that good at finishing. I’m hoping that checking the items off a list will provide a little bit of encouragement to help me complete some!

  1. A knitted aqua and yellow blanket. I’m almost done the first row of 8. This is going to take a VERY long time!
  2. A star garland to hang up at Christmas. Need to find some other sized cookie cutters I have stored with Christmas decorations for some variation in size!
  3. My project 365 album from last year. I have the first 6 months of photos in place, but need to do the second half along with journalling
  4. A project life album for this year, only not with a project life kit. More to come when I have more done!
  5. Ali’s One Little Word class. I will be sharing this very soon!
  6. Finishing up my craft room
  7. Redoing a white board and cork board for my craft room
  8. Stripping and repainting an old wooden toy box to make an accent piece for the lounge room
  9. Christmas baubles – I have a couple of different sorts up my sleeve, depending how motivated I am
  10. A photo book for some trips away as presents

There are quite a few more projects I’m in the process of gathering supplies for, but these are the main ones that I’m focusing on just now. Even if they’re not all done by the end of the year, I’m still enjoying them all quite a lot!


4 thoughts on “10 Things October – Current Projects

  1. Hi Jess,
    That is a pretty cool list you have there! I always think it’s great to know exactly what you want to be working on as it helps us all to stay focused. I’ve been doing Project Life but without a core kit like you. Love to see what you come up with! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ronnie xo

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I struggle with focusing on projects, so I’m hoping this list will help me focus more! I actually have a core kit for project life, and also all the versions in digital, but because I havenโ€™t really done anything all year for it, I realised I wouldnโ€™t catch up if I was using the traditional kit, so I’m doing it with a twist! I should have more to share next month, since I plan on focusing on this once I get my new laptop and can run photoshop a lot better!

  2. HI Jess
    I started project life this year. I am behind on it, but think that has something to do with NO organisational skills and 2 little kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Needed to get the Volume 2 binder, which arrived last week and then the 4 x 6 grid cards, which when they arrive next week I hope to get my butt in gear. Although you are behind or not really started :), it is possible to catch up ….did you see that post on becky’s blog a little while back of the lady with 200 photos and 4 hours? She was amazing! I haven’t been back to your blog for a little while, but it sure is fun to read. Having lived/worked in Rydalmere, so Parramatta was my stomping ground and now living on the Central Coast, I smile and feel such a connection. Not just for the location stuff, but personality wise… (similar interests, read the same blogs, washi addiction, many projects on the go – not much of a finisher ๐Ÿ™‚ etc) I used to have that more disposable income and would be doing some of the courses you do now if I could afford too. (Although I have just ordered 2 kids kits and I am just waiting for the mini albums to go up) Just feels nice to know someone out there close byish….thinks like you….. I am yet to find another coastie project lifer …and when I mentioned recently it in the tuggerah scrap store they looked at me blankly – had never heard of it. Mind you, they don’t know Ali or Amy Tan or …… the list goes on. I feel like we must be a little ahead of the game ๐Ÿ™‚ ( or is that on trend) I had been at them all year to get washi and they finally got some the other month! Once again though, they lost my money. I too bought online o/s.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your life…. I for one enjoy it.


    • Hi Tania,
      Thanks for the sweet comment! Sounds like you must be doing pretty alright with your project life album if your already up to the second binder! I did read the post on Becky’s blog, and it was quite inspiring, but I still feel more low key is in line for this year. I am, however, getting my project 365 photos from last year in a project life album at the moment. 6 months of photos in along with a month of journalling so far in the last 3 nights! Since I’m wanting to learn photoshop a bit better, I’ll be doing hybrid for my album this year, and it’s going to be smaller than a 12×12 album, but I don’t want to give my idea away just yet! The kid kits and albums definitely look fun too!
      I did notice the Tuggerah shop got the washi tape in… I had a bit of a look and there are some nice ones, but nothing overly exciting to me. I get what you mean about the trend thing, but at the same time, I don’t really think I’m on trend either… I just stick with what I like, and don’t think I could tell you a single paper line or anything like that! LOL. I tend to buy a bit online too, but it’s pretty pricey shipping from overseas all the time. Much better variety though!
      I’m glad you enjoy my sharing, I’ve really enjoyed the journey of writing so much over the last few months too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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