Congratulations to Bec and Zane!!

I first found out Bec had a boyfriend back in 2008 when we were in Bali. That night, when she was highly drunk, she mentioned that she snuck a boy in the house to for a sleep over the night before we left for the trip. I figured that it must be a pretty special guy to her, since she’d never mentioned anything boy related before!

I met Zane shortly after the trip, and realised he is a pretty nice guy. Over the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve watched their relationship bloom and turn into something quite strong. They’ve travelled together and brought a house together and still haven’t managed to kill each other yet, so something must be going right for them!

Bec, you looked absolutely amazing on Saturday! Such a beautiful bride! I’ve watched you grow up and change over the years, especially going from a hot-headed teenager into the young woman you have become. I’m impressed that at no stage in the lead up to your wedding did you turn into the Bridezilla we all kind of expected! You seem so genuinely happy and cheerful since you’ve met Zane, and so much more up for adventure. You’ve done amazing things, like finishing your traineeship, studing to be a personal trainer, working on a healthier lifestyle and settling down to buy a place… I bet you feel like a real grown up now! It’s nice to have been there to help you celebrate one of the biggest adventures that you are starting out on so far!

Zane, you scrub up pretty well yourself! I’d like to welcome you to the family, and thank you for how happy you seem to make Bec. I’m glad to have such a great brother-in-law joining the mix!

Thank you for having us there to share your special day with you both. It was an amazing ceremony, and such a nice location for it (except for the cow poo paddock we went for photos!). And I’m glad the weather ended up working out in the end! I hope you have a very long and happy future together! It may not always be easy, but I’m sure there will be many more fun times ahead for you both. Like Dad mentioned to you, Zane, NO RETURNS! 🙂

Love you both!

*Thanks to Mum as well for having these photos posted nice and quickly too, since I didn’t take any myself and can steal them all off your facebook!


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