Inspiration Files – September

I haven’t spent as much time online this month as I usually do, and have been crafting a lot instead. I have still been quite inspired this month by things that I have seen around online though, and here are a few…

  1. Firstly, the new Polaroid camera. I so want this! I saw it announced on the Photojojo website, and I am so buying this before we head to Thailand in February! One of the most awesome features, apart from the photos printing as 2×3 inch stickers, is the fact that it can also store them to a memory card!
  2. Remember Forever Photography. I completed a wedding photography class and travel photography class through these guys, and they were awesome! I would love to do all of their workshops, so I’m thinking of signing up for membership, since it works out much cheaper overall. It’s also great fun going into the City for the classes!
  3. Elise Blaha shared her directions for making a quilt on her blog this month. I’ve been thinking about making one for our bed for a while, inspired by her previous ones, and I love her step-by-step for it! It actually makes it seem rather achievable and straightforward, which has me all the more excited for it! Now to decide on colours that Michael agrees with! Oh, and to figure out the sewing machine settings!
  4. I love photos, and loved this post from The Tiny Twig with photography tips for bloggers! I’m always inspired by ways to help make my photos better
  5. I don’t  know how I stumbled upon this post, but I love it! It’s a story about a business man and a fisherman, and I think it’s something people should keep in mind throughout life. It’s a great reminder to do the things you love
  6. I purchased one of the Paislee Press calendar templates last year to make Christmas presents, and I’m pretty sure that I am getting it again this year! I love the size options (5×7 and 4×6 inches), and they are so easy to use to clip in photos! Everyone seemed to like the calendars last year, too, which is an added bonus!
  7. I am thinking of buying this book, which is about the Whole 30 diet. From what I understand, it’s basically where you do a month of clean eating, which I think would really be beneficial for my body. One of the girls from work is pretty keen too, so I think it would help us to stick with it a lot easier, especially since Michael isn’t really on board.
  8. I should have this laptop, with lots of upgrades, on its way out to me sometime in the next week or so. I’m beyond excited! While it’s above budget, it’s apparently better than Michael’s current one, along with cheaper and smaller, which means it will be amazing! It really does suck spending so much on a laptop though, and having to wait up to 2 weeks to get it!



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