Today I’m following along with Ali Edwards’ Around Here post. These are some of my favourite posts to do, and I plan on recording a version of this every month for a year to make into a mini album, which I think would be super fun to look back on!

Place: The rocking chair at Mum’s place
Waiting: To get my new laptop… It’s frustrating having to pay for it and then wait up to 2 weeks before it arrives!
Drinking: A strong cup of tea… I’m in the process of reducing sugar, so it tasted a lot different to how I usually have it. Enjoying not getting headaches from sugar withdrawals anymore though
Writing: My bridesmaid speech for Bec’s wedding next weekend. I have the start worked out, and the end worked out, but I’m still figuring out the middle
Thinking: About what I need to do this weekend… Pick up bridesmaid dress, drive home, clean the house (vacuum, clean the bathroom, washing, moping), organise a BBQ, start making a surprise for Bec’s wedding, put together a photobook for our NZ trip… Probably lots more. At least it’s mostly fun once the cleaning is done!
Enjoying: Having lots of time away from the computer. I’ve barely turned it on since last weekend… It gives me lots of time to knit!
Creating: A knitted blanket, a Christmas garland, an advent calendar, and a wedding surprise. Almost finished the first row of about 8 for the blanket, so I think I’ll take a break to focus on some of the other projects for a bit once it’s done… Christmas crafts are fun!
My foot to get better. It’s been just over a month since I hurt it, and it’s gotten worse, not better! I picked up my xray this morning, and will go back to the doctor in a couple of days to find out what’s up with it and how to make it better
Hoping: To get a massage and pedicure on Friday 🙂
Watching: Lightning streak the sky as I drove to Mum’s. It looked pretty awesome! Can’t believe how much it lit up the sky!
Listening to: The Hot 30 Countdown with Matti and Mel on the drive to the Coast
How I want my December Daily album to look. I’m getting excited for Christmas now that I’m starting on Christmas crafts and seeing Christmas scrapbooking goodies in the shops!
to figure out my MSN messenger password… Somehow it’s ended up deleted from my computer and I think I’ve tried about 20 different passwords that I’ve used recently!
Wishing: That I had the public holiday on Monday off. It would be nice to be able to attend the rehearsal dinner for the wedding since I’ve never been in a wedding party before and  have no idea what I’m doing!
Needing: To buy new shoes. My day-to-day shoes are starting to wear out, which sucks, since I only brought them 2 months ago! The last pair I had was the same and lasted about a year
Wondering: If we will end up building or buying a place. Hoping that we get to build, but not sure if I can convince Michael that it’s a good idea!
Staying: Up way too late as usual… I was planning on being in bed 2 hours ago! I always stay up way too late when Michael is not around


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