September Date Night

Last night we celebrated 2 years since I moved in with Michael. I want to say that I love living with the boy just as much today as I did the day I moved in 2 years ago! I’m really looking forward to finding our very own home next, for us to spend many more years together and really make it our own!

I’m from the quiet Central Coast, and I lived in Newcastle for a few years as well, neither of which is as fast paced as here, but I have to admit, I do quiet like the change of pace Parramatta provides! I love that everything here is within walking distance… Work, the gym, the shops (although walking home from the shops loaded up with stuff isn’t fun since it takes 40 minutes or so!), the train and ferry… It’s rare that I drive much now, unless I’m going out at night or heading back to visit family.

To celebrate, we headed out to get Thai. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the restaurant, and since the weather has been so nice, it was quiet enjoyable! Such a great way to work up an appetite, too! The place we go for Thai is a favourite. It’s called In the Mood for Thai, and they have the best cashew chicken and green curry (at least Michael likes the curry)! We both decided to try something different tonight, so I had chicken fried rice that I was a little disappointed with compared to the rest of their food. Michael had laksa, and I have to say, it was AMAZING! I’ve never tried laksa before, but I am certainly getting it next time we go there… If I don’t go there for lunch on Friday!

It was super nice to get to hang out with Michael, since he’s been away so much lately, and is going away again next week. We got to chat quite a bit about random things like buying vs building a place, cuddle up together in the cool chair they have their, enjoy a good meal and just all round relax. Hanging out together and going over our big plans for the future was such a great way to celebrate living together! I couldn’t have asked for a better date night!



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