Around Here

Loving the fantastic Spring weather here in Sydney at the moment! It’s starting to warm up nicely. I’m back to wearing dresses and thongs, which makes me quite happy! I really like the bright happy iPhone cover that I brought last weekend as well… Even better that it was only $5!

Baking cupcakes for work. I made 2 batches last night to take in today, and everyone loved them! Just like last time, the vanilla ones were the favourites, but the chocolate disappeared pretty quickly too. Not bad, considering I made 2 dozen and we only had about 15 people in the team in today!

I was sent my iTab in the mail with my official City 2 Surf time on it… Turns out I did about 6 minutes better than I thought I did originally! Now to dig out my medal and attach it properly!

My daisy is still alive and thriving! For a plant killer, this has lasted almost a month now! It’s the only plant I’ve ever successfully grown before. I like that there are still so many buds on it that will start blooming right through Spring.

I’ve been practising shooting on manual mode for the last week or 2… All of these photos were taken in manual, as well. I love that I managed to get a softly blurred background on the daisy and the washi tape, and I love it even more that it was completely intentional! Now to practice some more when I have better light again, rather than late at night.

I have spent the last 2 days reading Women’s Fitness, a new magazine here in Australia, and I am enjoying it so far. It’s helping to motivate me to start going back to the gym after the break we took for New Zealand. Now I just need to get my foot checked out so I can hopefully start running again soon!

Still enjoying knitting! I never in a million years thought that I would start knitting and actually like it! I’m about halfway through the first row of a blanket now. It’s going to take me a VERY long time!

Entertaining the idea of building a place rather than just buying. Hoping this may become a reality, since me and Michael don’t seem to agree on any places. If we’re going to spend as much as we’re looking at around here, we can buy a decent sized block of land and build a decent place for similar amounts and get something we both like!

I’ve realised I’m well hooked on washi tape and I’m coming up with more projects to use it on! I made my first order of washi tapes from Freckled Fawn today, and I’m excited to add to my collection. Especially when it’s Christmas designs I’m getting!

On the note of Christmas, I’ve started thinking about Christmas decorations I’m wanting to make this year. I’ve started a couple of projects, which has me very happy! The list is long, and I probably won’t get through them all, but I’m hoping to have a nice, crafty holiday! I’ve organised some Christmas craft days with Mum, as well. I’m also hoping to start putting together the base of my December Daily album to work on this year. I’m well stocked up on Christmas papers now, and I’m hoping to make it similar to the one I started last year, since I loved the style so much!

I’m really enjoying spending very little time on the computer the last few days. It gives me lots of crafty time, which I’m finding so relaxing! And on that note, I’m done for the night and it’s bed time! 🙂


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